Education Review Office (ERO) Reports

We are very proud of our ERO reports!  The most recent reports are found below for the Tauranga Waldorf Kindergarten and the Tauranga Waldorf School.


Following the Education Review Office review of our Tauranga Waldorf Kindergarten in February 2013, the following comments were made:


Children are welcomed into a homely environment where they experience predictable daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms and routines. There are many opportunities for children to actively explore openended activities within the social and natural environment. Children’s imagination and creativity is carefully nurtured by teachers and the environment. The environment supports children to problem solve, develop self expression, extend their investigation skills and develop reverence for the world around them.

Children’s social and moral development is fostered through their relationships with others and the environment. A feature of the programme is the extensive opportunities for children to be involved in sustained and complex fantasy play and domestic routines. Their social and communication skills are developed through working cooperatively with others. Literacy and mathematics concepts are effectively interwoven into children’s play and proved meaningful contexts for learning.

A strength of the kindergarten is the partnership they have developed with its parent community. Teachers model high levels of respect for children and their families and have established trusting and positive relationships that foster children’s holistic development.

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Following the Education Review Office review of our Tauranga Waldorf School August 2015, the following comments were made:

The school’s mission statement is to practise Rudolf Steiner’s Art of Education to develop students who can stand as free individuals in and for the world; balanced in their feeling; clear, creative and flexible in their thinking, and practical and purposeful in their will. Students are encouraged to find identity, meaning and purpose in life by forming connections with their community, the natural world, and with the spiritual values of gratitude, wonder and reverence.

The school’s achievement data over the last two years demonstrates a consistent pattern of achievement at Year 8 when progressions align fully with National Standards. In 2014, assessment data showed that a significant majority of Year 8 students met or exceeded National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics. Across the school, Māori are the top achieving cohort group in reading, writing and mathematics. Boys and girls are achieving at comparable rates in reading, writing and mathematics.

The school’s curriculum is well designed, successfully promotes and supports student learning, and reflects the uniqueness of the school and its community.

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