Poutū-te-rangi / Maehe 2021


Thursday 4th March 2021


Welcome back!


Welcome to our first whole community newsletter for the 2021 year. Here you will find news and information from all the different aspects of our operation, written to help you orientate if you’re new or, if you’ve been around a while, be a reminder that it takes more than one cog to make a wheel turn and that to turn smoothly all cogs benefit from attention.


Mary T-J




   From the Fair Group





Sunday 21st of March is excitingly close and the Class 3 Fair Team is so looking forward to joining with you all to create a community event to remember.

We received an incredibly positive response to the new stall rostering system so thank you for being open to trying a new way of doing things. Your stall coordinator will be in touch with you as needed to run through the plans. Otherwise if you want to see where you’re rostered on, please open the attached oldest student list to find your family number. After this you can open the attached roster document, and click ‘Ctrl F’ to search for that number. Be advised that you may have been allocated to more than one stall, so keep clicking until you are sure you’ve seen them all. Also the stall coordinators might finetune the roster in terms of overlapping or 15-minute differences so please contact them for final confirmation. It’s been a huge task so please have patience if there are any errors to be resolved. Please communicate any queries or swaps directly to your stall coordinator.

Thank you to everyone who crafted like crazy last year – we now have all of our required crafts and are good to go! This support is hugely appreciated.

The contribution lists for each class were sent out last week so please follow up with your class fair liaison person (based on your eldest child) if you want to check what food you’re contributing. Further information about containers and where to take the food will be provided over the next couple of weeks.

The updated contribution lists have been downloaded to the Google drive. By now you should have received an email from your parent liaison/class fair coordinator with a link to access the Google drive for your eldest child. This link allows you to self-manage your contributions by editing as needed. If you have not received the link or are having trouble accessing the Google drive, please contact your parent liaison/class fair coordinator for help. Included in the Google drive are notes for food contributions. Further information for packaging and delivery will be provided over the next couple of weeks.


Covid-19 Planning

At this stage we are all go. If on Friday 12th March we are in Level 1 or heading to Level 1, it’ll be full steam ahead and people can go ahead with their final planning and purchasing. If on Friday 12th March we are in Level 2, or at any point that following week we rise to Level 2, the Fair will be cancelled. If we can’t go ahead with the Fair, we will create a special Friday Market to come together as a community and share in some of the activities from the Fair.

We have a few more requests for help below – please check it out and support where you’re able to.


Gazebos and Outdoor Furniture Request

Do you have a gazebo or outdoor furniture you would be willing to lend for the event? If so, please contact Dennis at 





Lettuce know if you can help!

The Fair team is going to have a salad-making session at school the day before the fair, instead of asking all families to contribute salads. It makes life easier and enables us to keep food safety to a high standard. If you have an abundance of lettuce that you’d be happy to deliver to school on Saturday 20th March, please contact Nicole Coombe on  – thanks!





Donated Items Needed

Do you know someone with a business who might be willing to donate something for our fair this year? Or perhaps you have something suitable at home that you’d be happy to donate?

Items that are useful are crafting supplies, food vouchers or donations especially coffee beans or milk, eco serveware and items to go in the silent raffles including services (gardening, hairdressing, massages etc).

We need many items both pre-fair and on the day. If you know someone who might be worth asking, please email Philippa on  to get a standardised letter to send through to them or of course just ask them! Even if you have someone in mind but would prefer someone else contact them, please pass their details on to Philippa.





The core Class 3 coordination team

If you have any questions at any stage, please ask a Class 3 parent or contact the relevant person below:










Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai

Many hands make light work. Unity is strength.

From the Class 3 Fair Team.




From the School



The start of every year is exciting but this year, the chance to come around again and have another crack at some of our 2020 goals has been very welcome. And just a few weeks in, we’ve already taken some big steps.

Our new little Class 1 entrants have had an extended transition this year and are experiencing their first school days in intensive hands-on learning in our outdoor classroom environs.




Learning on the land is not just a central value but a development goal which sits prominently in our School’s Charter/Strategic and Annual Plan. If you are interested in our other plans you’ll find the very latest iteration on the website hereand our intention is to continue to increase these rich learning experiences across all classes. Here is an example of Class 6 turning limestone into quicklime by creating a kiln that can be heated to a meagre 850 degrees celsius. These experiments don’t just sit within our science curriculum but will be extended out into geography as well with minerology also combined with education outside of the classroom experiences via a camp which includes the lime to be found in Waitomo Caves later this month.


   Chemical Lime Cycle


   Kiln being built


   Kilt being lit


Of course hard work deserves a reward.


Team sports are off to a flying start this year also and our new little Class 3’s are sporting …. 2 teams, one cricket and one flippaball. Playing team sports with your class is another of our special character values and we ask that all students play at least one code for the school each year. In the younger classes parents often quite sensibly opt for swim lessons in the summer term. But the benefits for the children in terms of their sense of belonging and their contribution to the class culture is enormous. In terms of the opportunity to build those valuable learning skills, such as the ability to bear a little discomfort, or irritation, or disappointment and conversely developing a little cooperation, timing, sequencing, and having fun. There is nothing quite like a team sport.


   Class 3 Cricket Team


   Class 3 Flippaball Team


I look forward to sharing more of the year learning journey as the year unfolds.


Mary T-J

P.S. Some of you may have heard in passing the practice sessions of our senior Nga mahi a rehia concert group who are planning – God and Covid willing – to open our school fair on March 21. Please watch out for this performance as the children are really stretching themselves and working hard under the tutelage of Mana Farrell.

Because we are on tight timeframes and have had some scheduling issues we’ve not yet taken the opportunity to introduce Mana to our wider community but once we’re cut him some slack to support his efforts with the children and are through the fair –  expect an invitation which we very much hope you will take up.





Kia Ora from Rose Ring Kindergartens



Kia ora from behind the kindergarten blue gate


It has been such a joy to come together again after a summer break. Teachers are always so surprised by how much the tamariki grow when they return from the summer break in particular.

We have been blessed with a few short weeks to build everyone’s stamina back up again. The hot temperatures outdoors, paired with the hustle and bustle of a busy kindergarten day, sure do knock the wind out of the little one’s (and the big one’s!).

On Tuesday, 16th February we celebrated Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day in the kindergartens. For tamariki, Pancake Day is without a doubt the most favored of our kindergarten festivals. I mean, who doesn’t love pancakes, whipped cream, maple syrup and berry compote for lunch!!




A hardworking group of parents turned up on Saturday, 27th March with wood splitters, wheelbarrows and safety apparel to chop and stack our kindergarten wood sheds. Four hours of hard, physical labor later and our sheds are full and ready for the cooler weather.

A very big Thank You to Geoff & Nicola Kwan, Carl Henry & his Dad, Marcel Scrivener and Kim & Dirk Van Hek.

Teachers are looking forward to hosting their kindergarten families for their up-coming Parent Evening’s on Wednesday, 10th March for Spring Rose families @ 6pm and Autumn Rose families @ 6.30pm. Summer Rose families will gather with their teachers on Monday, 8th March @ 6.30pm.





In the meantime we will continue to enjoy the hot summer days.            

Ngā mihi nui, 

Simone Andrews

Rose Ring Kindergartens Team 










From the Board of Trustees 



Nau mai ki te tau hou! Or is to too late in the year to say that now? Welcome back to all our whānau and I do hope your tamariki have settled back in and you are enjoying the last of the summer. We had our first BOT meeting last week and wanted to share with you that one of our upcoming focus areas will be welcoming our ERO partner to the school and embarking on a new ERO journey. Most of you probably know ERO is the Ministry of Education department responsible for the review and reporting of early learning, kura and school’s performance. Reviews were carried out every 3 or 5 years (ours was 5 based on positive reports) and were very formal and audit-like, it was also a one size fits all approach to school review. ERO has changed the way they do things and now we have been appointed an ERO Evaluation Partner who will work alongside us on an ongoing basis in a commitment to continuous improvement. This approach takes into account individual school’s context, culture and needs. It is more flexible and tailored and we are optimistic that this new approach will help us to make sure we continue to the best we can for our tamariki. 


Lisa Hickling

On behalf of the Board of Trustees



From the Trust 


As a Proprietors Trust, we have two major responsibilities in the school and kindergarten. The first is the safeguarding and promotion of our Special Character as a Waldorf School. The second is the development of the campus land and buildings.

With the new Crafty Pukeko having been successfully re-positioned over the summer break to now be accessible to all – close to the carpark on the hill, and in the thick of things for the Friday Market,- the next item on the Trust’s agenda is to provide all-weather shelter for both the kindergarten and school children being picked up at the end of the day.



Just a little background for those of you who like to understand the basis of decisions we make ….. our site rules as an Education Centre dictate a limit of one hundred and twenty carparks. With 50 staff and 200 other car movements ( twice a day) on site, compliance in this area has always been pending and with the huge swell in roll numbers over the last years has negatively affected our relationship with our neighbours – with whom we share the driveway.

The first steps  towards solving the issue was thrust upon us quite suddenly last year  after the Covid 19 Lockdown of 2020 required us to reduce contact on site,  and once the start was made it  really made sense to go forward towards where we were always headed. So last night at the Trust’s meeting we approved concept plans for the development of  a Pavilion in what used to be the kindergarten staff car park as well as a plan to create seating and covered ways to maximise use of the cabin hub next to the Michael Hut on the field.  

This will take a vast majority of the school traffic movements  further  up on to our land and away from the shared land with our neighbours.  The hope is that this will improve their experience of us as a community. There is certainly room for improvement on this count.

Trust members are meeting with those same neighbours this week to iron out some recent complaints about the number of people who are impeding the dual carriage way by parking on the neighbour’s side of the driveway opposite the Class 1 court gate or anywhere, where there are yellow lines. And leaving cars to conduct conversations which jams traffic flow and the neighbour’s ability to access their property. Your support with limiting the number of times we have to have these unpleasant conversations would be greatly appreciated.

And looking forward .. as we move through the design and construction processes for both the kindergarten shelters project and the one at school we look forward to sharing our plans with you.

Here is a first sneak-peek of a concept drawing of the school pick up for what is currently similar being referred to so far as the Train Station.  

Please feel free to offer other more suitable names.















Stephen Lane    

Chair of WST Board of Trustees



From the Office



Communications with your children during the school day


We have noted an increase of requests to run messages to children during class time and are worried about the interruptions that causes to the flow of the leaving day.

As a possible solution we would like to trial running messages only once a day at the end of the lunch break. That means that you would have to leave all messages with us by 1.40 please.

We understand that sometimes emergency changes come up – and they won’t be sticking to cut off times. For real emergencies, as usual, we will do our best to work in with you.


Yellow form to fill in yearly


We have changed the format of the yellow form to be an online form. They will be emailed to you in the next couple of days and we ask you to please fill one form per child as they will be passed on to the teachers and kept in each student file. This is the opportunity to update all your emails, phone numbers, preferences and your child’s medical needs if there are any.

Thank you for returning them swiftly to the office – by submitting the completed form.


School App 


We warmly encourage everyone to download the school app to receive updates and short notice notifications about school, kindergarten, sports and upcoming events. The school app can also be used to let the office know when your child is absent from school or kindergarten and provide a reason.

If you are a new member of our community you can watch this short video on how to download the school app on your mobile device or you can follow the steps of the photo below.



If you have already been using the app please remember that you have to update your subscriptions to the groups of your interest, e.g. the class of your child. Please see photo below if you don’t know how to proceed.


Ngā mihi,

The Office Team



Pledge reminder 


All donations received during March will be included in this year’s Tax Donation Receipt and will allow you to claim the rebate early.

The Donation Receipts will be sent out during the term break with an overview of 2021.

A big thank you to everyone for your contributions to keep Waldorf Education going strong in the Bay of Plenty.

Ngā mihi,


Pledge Manager




From the Class 5 Fundraising Group


Class 5 fundraising for school camps offer nachos for the rest of this term at $4 per serving. Class 1 will be included from Term 2, but not while they are still up at the farm in Term 1.

With 5 Fridays remaining, pay $20 per child for the rest of term subscription. You can also pay per week at a cost of $4 per serving. If you have opted for weekly payment, please deposit $4 into Class 5 account by Thursday evening at the latest. This is a 2021 Class 5 account, please don’t use last year’s one!

Please use the link below to order, and see payment instructions.


Your support is greatly appreciated, thanks heaps!


Class 5 students and the Fundraising Team



Monday 8th MarchSummer Rose Parent Evening @ 6.30pm.

9th-10th-11th-12th March – Class 6 Camp

Wednesday 10th MarchKindergarten Information Afternoon @ 3.15pm. If you have friends interested in our kindergartens, please feel free to invite them to our Information Afternoon. There is no need to register, just report to Reception on arrival. Please arrange for alternative care for children if possible.

Wednesday 10th MarchSpring Rose Parent Evening @ 6pm and Autumn Rose Parent Evening @ 6.30pm.

Sunday 21st MarchAnnual Open Day/Fair, 10am to 3pm. Click here for more details.

Wednesday 31st MarchSpecial Character Talk held by Mary, ALL WELCOME @ 9.15 after drop-off.





Thursday 1st April – School Easter Story for school children only. School finishes @ 1pm. No Oscar Programme in the afternoon.

Thursday 1st April Kindergarten Easter Story, more details to come. Kindergartens operate as usual till 3pm.

Easter Holidays – School, Kindergartens, Oscar Programme and Rosebud Playgroup are closed from Friday 2nd April to Tuesday 6th April.
All return on Wednesday 7th April.

Rambling Rose Kindergarten ON EASTER TUESDAY, 9am-3pm, drop-off and pick-up at Micheal Hut.

Tuesday 6th April, BOT Meeting



Wednesday 7th AprilSchool Photos, do not forget to place your order by Friday 26th March. Click here.

Wednesday 14th April – Class 5 Play, time to be confirmed for Class 5 parents only. 

Friday 16th AprilLast day of TERM 1, School finishes @ 1pm, Kindergartens operate till 3pm, Oscar Programme is closed in the afternoon.



  • TERM 1:  Wednesday 3rd February – Friday 16th April
  • TERM 2:  Monday 3rd May – Friday 9th July
  • TERM 3:  Monday 26th July – Friday 1st October
  • TERM 4:  Monday 18th October – Wednesday 15th December