Hakihea / Tīhema 2020


Thursday 10th December 2020

Royal Garden Party, ONLY for kindergarten children

Friday 11th December in the amphitheatre, 5pm-6pm

Dear Kindergarten Whanau,

You are warmly invited to attend with your children. Please arrange alternative childcare for older siblings.

Dominique for the Rose Ring Kindergartens






Rose Graduation

Monday 14th December in the amphitheatre, 1pm for a 1.30pm start. All welcome.

Dear parents,

Join us, weather permitting, at the Rose Graduation send-off Monday 14th December at 1pm for a 1.30pm start in the amphitheatre. Warning for Class 7 extended whanau ONLY if we have to activate a wet weather plan.

Mary T-J




The Shepherd’s Boy Story, for Kindergartens families 

Wednesday 16th December in the Whare, 10.25am.


Please be seated no later than 10.25am and allow an hour for the story and get together in your classroom. Parents with toddlers and babies will be seated by the door so they can leave discretely if need be. Our playgroup coordinator would be happy to look after one or two little ones for you to enjoy the story. Please check with Flavia or Dominique.

Dominique for the Rose Ring Kindergartens





The Shepherds Play, by community parents for the whole community

Wednesday 16th December in the Whare, 12.00pm.

Dear parents,

You are welcome to attend this part romp, part reverent celebration of Christ’s birth before picking up the school children at 1pm.

Mary T-J & The College of Teachers



From the School – The last weeks of 2020…


In these last weeks of 2020 as I’ve watched rich relational, play and work-based integrated learning experiences in natural, authentic and imaginative contexts unfold all around me as the classes round out their years, I feel the need to take my hat off to our splendid teachers!

Since we last wrote, Class 5 have been to Ngaruawahia to take part in the National Waldorf Olympic 5-day training camp and pageant. Here they experienced belonging and contributing, stretching beyond their class and natural friendship groups, while steeped in the traditions of Ancient Greece. In a modern world culture where it is normal to bag, claim and fight your own corner, the experience of operating on behalf of and for the good and glory of others is one many children may not easily encounter, especially one so carefully curated for their age and stage.


Olympic Javelin Champion – Ari Charles


Class 3 recently spent a day picking oranges. Anyone who’s ever spent a day picking oranges knows its thankless boring work. Juicing them is hardly an inspirational task either. But selling cups of sunshine ah now that is satisfying!




This classes Money Main lesson has been another joy to watch with some of the children surprised and buoyed by some poignant moments of kindness and care from their classmates.



These rich experiences propel children forward as learners and as humans. And watching it roll out is one of the great joys of my job. Class 6, who earlier did some serious study of the power and poverty of political systems in Rome, have crusaded through the rise of Christianity and Islam and at the very end of the year have landed in Medieval times. The Hands-on learning that occurs in our classes is not for the faint hearted.



The little ones have been getting ready for Christmas with Class 2 exploring the story of Saint Nicolas. The other day they got so involved in their craft project they forgot to go out to lunch and then grizzled when the teacher insisted. Class 1 who have been working on their writing in the context of Advent have proudly produced wreaths. As have Te Arakura kids who are not to be outdone.



It is important not to see any of these things as frills or ‘busy work’. Look closely and you will see the children’s engagement grow with every single thing they create, complete or master. Not to forget their ability to focus, their ability to persist, their confidence and passion for learning, as well as their ability to manage learning alongside and from students very different from themselves in nature.



Those of you who are able to join us to watch the school farewell this year’s Class 7 at our Rose Graduation Festival in the Amphitheatre (god and weather willing) at 1.30 pm on Monday will have the opportunity to see this for yourselves.

In the following days we will be farewelling not just 27 senior students but a number of families who have been community members for a very long time. Some of them for nearly 20 years. These families will remember a very different school to the one we have now. When their children were in class 1, our therapeutic stream was in its earliest stages, the farm program was but a dream.

In 2014, the year their children came to school we were fundraising by selling bricks to get enough money to pave the path down to the Whare –  the final part of a restoration project that has blessed the children’s lives every single day since. It was the year that the Kindergartens Royal Garden Party was brought back to life. It was the first year we held an All hallows ceilidh. That was also the year the parent group devised the Parent Mandate outlining how we would maintain healthy and respectful relationships while maintaining the dignity and mana of our various roles. We still refer to this document in every Special character meeting.



As their children walk one by one through the rose arch next Monday no doubt there will be many emotions for parents and children alike. This is a group of parents who have been strong contributors to our school both within their class groups, where they have willingly carried those families who were in need of special care and attention as well as to the community at large. Amongst this group there has been long-standing service on our board of trustees as well as leadership and participation of many other initiatives over their years, including curtain-making, holiday cleaning and of course the ubiquitous fundraising.

Community partnership, that precious cloak that surrounds our children’s education and ensures its quality and protection is constantly being woven, patched and rewoven on the basis of our interactions and our efforts. The contributions of this particular group of parents deserves recognition in the dying days of this very strange year, not only as a model, but because that collective spirit will live on in the experience of those of us they leave behind.


I wish all of you a happy and a holy Christmastide.


Mary T-J




Kia Ora from Rose Ring Kindergartens


One more sleep!


Kia Ora Kindergarten Whanau,

We are looking forward to see many of you tomorrow, dressed up for the Royal Garden Party. If you haven’t sorted your robe yet, don’t worry, the gate keeper has a few emergency capes to lend for the occasion. She will also look after the knight’s swords, to keep everyone safe.

For further details, please check kindergarten emails or website.

Nga mihi nui


Dominique Adcock

For the Rose Ring Kindergartens










Shepherd’s Boy Story – Wednesday 16th December


Please drop your child off as usual. Teachers have asked if you could provide strawberries instead of the usual fruit. Later you are welcome to join us in the Whare, for our annual Shepherd’s Boy Play. Please be seated no later than 10:25am. 

After the Play the children will leave and walk back to their classrooms and prepare to host you for the strawberry treat. Ones the children have disappeared around the corner, please make your way slowly to kindergarten to finish off the year together. Kindergarten will be open until 3pm should your child need to stay. They will however need to bring a healthy lunchbox. Should you be attending an event for your school aged children, please pick kindergarten children up after the event. 



Rambling Rose Kindergarten 2020 & 2021


Most families are able to enjoy the time together and to give their children a break from the busy kindergarten days. However, for those families who need care for their children, we are back with Rambling Rose on January 11th and will be operating right through to February 3rd, the first day of term1. On Monday, February 1st we are closed for Auckland Anniversary. 

Usually only a small number of children are attending and are supervised by two of our teachers, whoever is rostered on for the day. If you are not sure if your child will be able to manage spending the day with potentially unfamiliar children, teachers and playspace, please do discuss with your child’s teacher. 

At this time of the year the days will be spent at the farm, where it is lush and shady. Please drop the children off at the Michael Hut (blue building at the end of the driveway, by the sports field) and provide sunscreen, a hat, bottle and well filled and landfill and peanut free lunchbox for your child.

For further details about days operating in December and January see our website calendar and school app. By Wednesday, February 3rd all teachers and children will meet again in their usual rooms. 

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, a restful holiday and a Happy New Year.


Warm Wishes, 


Rose Ring Kindergartens Team 




From the Board of Trustees – End of year


So, finally we come to the end of the year and what a year it’s been! Heraclitus said, “the only constant in life is change” and wasn’t he spot on this year!

The school learnt to quickly respond and adapt to the fast-changing Covid environment and the teachers engaged warp speed to effectively learn to use a method of curriculum delivery previously unheard of in Waldorf education. Together we as a community learnt how we could accommodate change and do things differently which had both positive and negative impacts and again we tried to respond to that around our common purpose of delivering a Waldorf education for our children.

And delivered it was. The BOT received the end of year achievement report and I am happy to report that despite the unorthodox year, our students continued to achieve well across the classes and well in the national standardised tests.

  • There is a high level of reading achievement across the school and this continues to be an area of strength. This year the school average is 81% of students achieving At or Above the expected level in their year group and for Class 7 100% were At and Above. This is a 1st for any class!
  • Writing continues to be the area of lowest achievement across the school, and, as reported by all other schools in New Zealand, continues to be the learning area of most concern. This year the school average is 69% of students achieving At or Above the expected level in their year group. Several recommendations will be actioned to address this.
  • Mathematics results continue to be strong across the entire school, with an average of 81% of all students achieving At or Above the expected level for their year group. This is the third year in a row that this standard has been reached. The results in the Lower School are particularly impressive this year, indeed such results have not been seen in the Lower School before.
    • Class 1 80% At or Above
    • Class 2 69% At or Above
    • Class 3 82% At or Above

Under the BOTs obligation to be a good employer, staff wellbeing is a key focus which has this year been brought into sharp relief. I am therefore very pleased to report the BOT has agreed a Personnel Wellbeing strategy designed to support the teaching staff which along with existing measures will be implemented from 2021.



Recently, I had the absolute privilege of watching the completely fabulous C7 play, followed by a wonderful Renaissance Ball. Year on year, when I look at Class 7 graduates I see beautiful young people, filled with quiet confidence and self-belief, people who understand themselves, know respect, compassion and reverence and how to accept difference in others, work with others and an excitement to go into the world armed with a life-long passion for learning. The goal of Waldorf or Rudolf Steiner education is to enable students as fully as possible to choose and, in freedom, to realize their individual path through life as adults and I have experienced that being achieved in our school.


It is also a time to acknowledge and farewell several C7 families whose Waldorf journey comes to an end this year after being part of the community for several years, coming close to 20 years in some cases! These families have contributed so much and supported the kaupapa of the school over the years. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you all the best for your next journeys.

Thank you to all the staff in the school for all their hard work, whether it is delivering the curriculum, making the grounds beautiful, growing the school or supporting the school management – you all make a valued contribution.

And lastly thank you parents for your all your support and cooperation this year.


Have a wonderful break and see you next year!


Mary T-J for the Board of Trustees



From the Trust – Warm wishes at the end of a special year



Warm wishes to you all in these last weeks of the 2020 year. The end of each year sees us reviewing our progress against our goals, and of course in a year with a lockdown, and all the things that has subsequently meant, the progress no longer stacks up against the original goals, the year 2020 has set evolving goals with which we have tried – and mostly succeded – to keep up.

We are very proud of the way our community has adapted to the various restrictions and moved to being more mindful and intentional in making the connections and partnerships that are the heart of Waldorf Education.  And in adapting so gracefully, our tamariki have received an unexpected gift. Who would have thought that out of restrictions beautiful change could grow?

We are so grateful to our staff (present and some past too) who’ve jumped in to hold hands with our College of Teachers when the going got rough and who’ve kept on delivering the magic world that is our learning journey to the children sometimes in tricky circumstances.

Looking forward, we continue to further develop our three stream learning vision for the school and are currently working on exciting plans for continued expansion of our Outdoor Classroom program to allow more tamariki more time there. We look forward to sharing these with you next year when they are finalized.

In the meantime we would like to thank you all for your continued support of funds and deeds which allow us to deliver a Waldorf Education to every child whose parents truly seek it, with money being no barrier. We would like to especially thank those of you who have experienced the need to change your pledges and have so openly and respectfully informed us of your new situations and intentions going forward. We are proud to have developed these relationships and know that the model of cooperation it offers our young, cannot help but inspire the development of their own free ethical development and morality.



Mere Kirihimete


Stephen Lane     

Waldorf Schools (BOP) Trust Chair   





Class Teacher Placement 2021



Our teacher placement plan for 2021 is to roll over as many of our current class teacher placements, as possible. This means that in most cases children will have the same class teacher in the New Year as they have at the end of 2020.

Where this is not the case parents will be informed when the contracts are confirmed and you can expect to hear from us only if there are changes or additions.


Mary T-J    




Welcome Bay Lions Awards 2020





Each year our local Welcome Bay Lions makes leadership, citizenship and contribution awards to senior students. A whole school assembly is held and the children have great fun guessing from the biography and descriptions provided just who the recipients will be.

This year two such awards were presented to Mika Moenchmeier and Jamie Clarkson-Wall. A further $250.00 Scholarship was awarded to Benjy Smith. Congratulations to these students all of whose contributions to the school have been significant and gratefully received.

Mary T-J




Friday 11th December – Special Character Talk held by Shirley. All welcome, especially those of you with children about to turn 6, @ 3.10pm, straight after pick-up, in Spring Rose classroom. 

Friday 11th December – Royal Garden Party @ 5pm ONLY for kindergarten children  @ 5pm. Please see communication from your child’s/children’s kindergarteners and arrange alternative childcare for older siblings.

Monday 14th December – Class 7 Rose Graduation @ 1.30pm. ALL WELCOME. If the weather is good it will be held in the Amphitheatre and all school parents are welcome. If it is wet it will be held in the Whare and ONLY Class 7 extended whanau will attend. You will be notified on the app between 10am and 11am on the day of the final decision. All school children are to wear white. 

Wednesday 16th DecemberSchool Shepherds Play, by community parents for the whole community @ 12.00pm in the Whare.

Wednesday 16th December Kindergarten Shepherd’s Boy Story, please be seated in the Whare by 10.25am for a 10.30am start and allow for an hour for the play and the get together in your classrooms.


Wednesday 16th December – Last day of Term 4 – School finishes @ 1pm, Kindergartens operate as usual till 3pm, Oscar Programme is closed in the afternoon.

17th-18th-21st-22nd-23rd December – Rambling Rose Kindergarten, 9am – 3pm, drop-off and pick-up at Micheal Hut.

Rambling Rose Kindergarten January 2021, 9am-3pm from 11th January right through the first day of term 1 (2nd February inc.)

Friday 29th January – Class 1 2021 Individual Parent Interviews, see details from your child’s teachers.

Monday 1st February -Auckland Anniversary ALL CLOSED.

Wednesday 3rd February – FIRST DAY OF TERM 1, ALL RETURN – School, Rose Ring Kindergartens, Oscar Programme & Rosebud Playgroup.

Monday 8th February – Waitangi Day ALL CLOSED.



  • TERM 1:  Wednesday 3rd February – Friday 16th April
  • TERM 2:  Monday 3rd May – Friday 9th July
  • TERM 3:  Monday 26th July – Friday 1st October
  • TERM 4:  Monday 18th October – Wednesday 15th December