Poutū-te-rangi / Maehe 2021


Wednesday 10th March 2021


   From the Fair Group



Only 11 days to go until the Fair! The Class 3 Fair Team are looking forward to celebrating with you as a community on Sunday 21st March.


Rosters: You have been allocated!

If you didn’t opt out of being rostered on, nor allocate yourself to a roster, we have done the allocation for you. To check where you are rostered, please:

  1. Click here to open the attached oldest student list to find your family number.
  2. Click here to open the attached roster document and click ‘ctrl F’ for Windows users or click ‘command F’ for Mac users to search for that number. Be advised that you may have been allocated to more than one stall, so keep clicking/pressing ‘enter/return’ until you are sure you’ve seen them all.
  3. Please contact your stall co-ordinator to confirm that you’ve seen the roster. (Privacy reasons mean we are not able to share your contact details with the stall co-ordinator so it’s important that the contact is made by you please).

Your stall co-ordinator will be in touch with you as needed to run through final plans for the day. Please communicate any queries or roster slot swaps directly to your stall co-ordinator.

Some Class 3 Parents will be at this week’s Friday market with copies of the rosters if you need help to clarify anything or to contact your co-ordinator. 


No Children’s Money at the Market

We’ve decided not to pre-sell children’s money at the market this year. We are conscious of the ever-present risk of fair cancellation due to the Covid pandemic, and we don’t want to get into the position where we need to refund parents. On fair day, children’s money will be available for purchase at both entrances to the fair, as well as the two Eftpos kiosks.


Food and Plant/Produce contributions – Collection of Boxes/Bags this Friday.

The contribution lists were sent out a couple of weeks ago, so please follow up with your Class Fair Liaison person (based on your eldest child) if you want to check what food and/or plants and produce you’re contributing.

Boxes, and containers for food contributions can be collected from the Micheal Hut during the Market this Friday. Further information on where to deliver your contributions will be provided next week.


Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai

Many hands make light work. Unity is strength.

From the Class 3 Fair Team.