Hui – Tanguru / Pepuere 2020





Thursday 13th February 2020




From the School Faculty



Kia ora e te whanau!


And the warmest of welcomes either back , or to the 2020 Tauranga Waldorf School  and Kindergarten year.  


This year, unusually, we have no new teachers to introduce to you in the first newsletter.  This is unheard of,  and I hear has created lots of whispers and maybe a little anxiety, so for those of you who missed the explanation for this in the last newsletter of the year,  here once again is the plan…. Our class teacher placement for all classes will be finalized  in time for the beginning of Term 2 2020.  At that time, all going well, our full staff will be once again available and permanent appointments will ensue.  Watch this space.


Joining us in these first weeks, though,  are a number of new families, nearly all transferring from other Waldorf schools both in NZ and internationally.  I’d ask you all to remember back to when you were new and  when you see  a new face, stop and introduce yourselves.  While all Waldorf schools have things in common we also develop very differently  and being new folk is rarely a completely comfortable feeling. Please do reach out, and help these new people discover all the treasures our little school has to offer.


In the meantime our new little class one has reaped a wonderful reward from the tragedy and travails of last year . They are experiencing a splendid start to the life as school children accompanied by their Te Arakura Teachers,  Kaeli Gibson and Suzanne from the kindergarten with an extra special added extra in our master teacher Sheryl Jenkins who has returned for the term to  supervise this new- look program.  Under her expert tutelage we can all feel very confident that these wee ones will have the best start possible.  




Parent Evening Schedule Term 1


For those of you wanting to connect with your class groups and hear about the way the classes are settling into their year, this term’s parent evening schedule is below.  One has already happened but here is another reminder about these all important events.

  • CLASS 1     Wednesday 19th February at 7 pm
  • CLASS 2     Tuesday 11th February – already happened
  • CLASS 3     Wednesday 12th February – already happened
  • CLASS 4     Wednesday 12th February – already happened
  • CLASS 5     Tuesday 18th February at 7 pm
  • CLASS 6     Thursday 20th February at 7 pm
  • CLASS 7     Monday 24th February at 7 pm




Going forward.


The intention of this short form newsletter, is to  provide a bit of an explanation of what you can expect in the way of newsletters in the term and year ahead.  For those of you who haven’t already noticed, we’ve switched our communication focus so that information referring precisely to your child or children, will come regularly from your class teacher.   


Then separately,  twice a term you can expect to  receive a link to an edition of our community newsletter in which you’ll find  – doings from the school and kindergarten, and information  from the Board  of Trustees- the governance group that parents  of integrated schools relate and interface with . 


As well, there will be pieces from our Proprietors,  who effectively operate as the kindly landlord for our school and kindergarten.  The Waldorf School’s Bay of Plenty Trust will bring you  information about their operations – the Oscar program, our Annual Fair, The Crafty Pukeko,  for example as well as all their plans for improvement in our plant and buildings as well as the teaching and learning programs they support the school to deliver, as a result of your pledged donations.


Reading these community newsletters is part of the Special Character commitment you make when you enroll your child in the school and which we ask you to reaffirm each year as part of your child’s ongoing attendance in the school.  


I look forward to seeing you at some event or other soon,


Naku noa na


Mary T-J 




Kia Ora from Rose Ring Kindergartens



A new year has begun behind the blue gate……..  It began early for some of the kindergarteners who participated in our Rambling Rose kindergarten programme.  Rambling Rose saw the children visiting the farm and feeding the chickens and pig.  They climbed trees, rolled down hills and explored in the cool shade of the fairy forest.



Monday, 3 February saw the return of all the children and teachers to their respective kindergartens.  All the beaming smiles as the children returned to their class and their friends was a most joyous occasion.  The children always seem to grow an extra few centimetres over the summer break.



All four kindergarten classes have welcomed new children and their families into their groups.  Some children have made the transition from Kotahi into the bigger kindergartens.  The coming weeks will see the development of old and new relationships as we all settle in to a new year and new rhythms.  We would like to give a warm welcome to all of the new families who are joining Rose Ring Kindergartens and the Tauranga Waldorf School community.


There have been a few adjustments in the Rose Ring teaching team.  Suzanne Allen is helping out with the transition in Class One.  Tina Darlington remains in Summer Rose Kindergarten working alongside Kirsty Parsons.


Donna McLeod, Deanna Lambert-Fu and the children of Spring Rose Kindergarten are still enjoying an outdoor programme while eagerly awaiting the nearly complete construction of their new class.


Jan Ioane remains in Kotahi, working alongside a reliever.  Management are currently in the process of interviewing teachers for a second role in Kotahi.


Simone Andrews remains in Autumn Rose Kindergarten working alongside Madeline Johnson who is filling in for Sam Ogier.


We are looking forward with much anticipation to another year of fun, growing and learning together.


P.S. If you have friends interested in our kindergartens, please feel free to invite them to our Information Afternoon that will take place on Wednesday 19th February at 3.15 pm. There is no need to register, just report to Reception on arrival. Please arrange for alternative care for children if possible.