14th November 2018


  • Tue 20 Nov – Kindergarten Parent Evening at 6pm
  • Tue 20 Nov – Class 6 Parent Evening
  • Fri 14 Dec – Class 1 Parent Sharing at 9am
  • Mon 17 Dec – Classroom Moves – all hands on deck needed this day
  • Mon 17 Dec – Rose Graduation (in the evening)
  • Tue 18 Dec – Shepherd’s Play for School and Puppet Play for Kindergarten – Timings TBC
  • Tue 18 Dec – Last Day of Term 4 – School finishes at 1pm and Kindergarten operates as normal
  • Mon 28 Jan – Auckland Anniversary
  • Tue 29 Jan – Kindergarten Teacher Only Day
  • Thu 31 Jan – First Day of 2019 Term 1
  • Wed 6 Feb – Waitangi Day

Kindergarten will be closed: Wed 19 Dec 18 – Fri 11 Jan 19

Rambling Rose will be operating: Mon 14 Jan 19 – Fri 25 Jan 19 AND Wed 30 Jan 19



As a C2 parent, it’s been my pleasure to be part of the team that planned and organised the School Fair and Open Day this year. The fair was a fabulous success!

Whether you attended the fair as a helper or visitor, you will have noticed how magical the grounds looked on fair day and felt the buzz from every corner of the school. There were so many highlights from Sunday!

I loved how the fair stalls at the farm showcased some of the unique parts of the education at Tauranga Waldorf School, like the outdoor classroom, relaxing foot baths, making damper, and the farm animals. (Plug from Anne: piglets still available to buy).

While the fair day is impressive, the preparations start months in advance and every part of the fair has its own unique recipe for success. For example, with the gourmet sausage sizzle, a C2 parent grew the rocket from donated seeds, Jane Powell and a C2 parent organised a sauerkraut and relish making workshop with 10 participants, yet another C2 parent cut a special deal with Nick Parker from Flaveur for the delicious buns, and a fourth C2 parent arranged for vegetarian sausages to be donated. From there, C5 parents organised the roster, countless dedicated volunteers worked the BBQ, and a whole crew of set up people arranged the tables and gazebos, which another two C2 parents had arranged to be borrowed from local community groups. And finally one C2 parent spread the word, sharing the story on social media. All for one fantastic stall. Teamwork makes the dream work!

With a focus on zero waste, the C2 fair group decided to try something new and entered the uncharted territory of boomerang cups. With the help of our inspiring zero waste volunteers, Sue from Tauranga city council sifted through the rubbish to get an accurate weight of the waste – only 2kg! A new low!

The fair, like any movie, takes a whole crew, so the fair coordinator, like the Oscar winner, has a huge list of people to thank. And I might just get a bit weepy, too. Thank you so much to all of you who made the fair happen. Huge gratitude to the C2 fair group for giving it their all, to Louise for guiding us along the way and putting in the long hours, to the sponsors for their donations, external stall holders for joining our community for the day, the talented entertainment crew, performers, and musicians for setting the mood, the baristas for giving boomerang cups a go, and the astoundingly generous school and kindy community for crafting, baking, woodworking, cooking, volunteering, and going above and beyond. Yikes, I haven’t gotten to everyone and they’re already playing the music…

My biggest heartfelt thanks to all of you that gave what you could to make the fair a success!  You guys are better than chocolate!  And those of you that know me know there isn’t anything better I can say about anyone.

With love,



I can only echo Meg’s words in saying that this year’s Fair and Open Day was a fabulous success and so many people can be very proud of their generous contributions.

Thank you all.

Louise for the Waldorf School Trust

Starting the morning off, on the Cafe stage with acoustic entertainment from our own Olaf.

The ever popular Stack-A-Crate.

Wonderfully presented Produce.

Thank you for the behind the scenes care and time, not to mention the pre-planning that goes into having things ready for fair day.

The Pocket Ladies delivering delightful surprises year after year.

No crafting is not a dying art.

Alive and well here.


Wonderful activities on offer for all.

Obviously there is some effort required to power the Slushie bike but the rewards are well worth it.


And last but not least, right up at the top of the school…for those who made it past the relaxing Lavender Footbath a flaming good treat.



Morena everyone,

Now that we have had the Fair, and our thoughts can turn to other things please read below.

We have had the initial meeting with Noki from Te Wananga o Aotearoa (Tauranga campus) about the prospect of offering Te Reo classes one night per week, at school. These are usually held on a weeknight for 3 hours and run during the school term from March-November. They can however, be run at any time as agreed upon by the participants, and days and time are flexible. He incorporates both Level One and Level Two in these classes which is classified as Te Reo Maori for Beginners so that come November 2019, participants will gain a New Zealand Certificate in Te Reo Level 1 & Level 2

A full overview of what is learnt can be found here.

The course is free, and the only requirements are that there is a minimum of 25 participants and that there is a suitable venue.

We need at least 25 people to commit to taking the course, and be available to meet with Noki on Thursday 22nd November at 4pm in the Whare to finalise course details.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to see their parents and teachers learning together. Please register your interest by replying to the office by Thursday 15th November.

We already have 33 people who have expressed interest, so there is a good chance that we will be accepted as one of the community courses.

Nga mihi



Thank you to the 108 families that have handed in their pledge form.

Are you one of 73 missing ones? Please let us know your plans immediately.



For 2019 we are looking for a main carer for our Oscar Programme.

Are you familiar with Waldorf values and like to care for children aged 5 to 13 before and after school? If this sounds like you please come and talk to us, or email your CV to finance@waldorftga.nz.

Opening hours are 7:30am to 9:00am in the morning and 2:45pm to 5:30pm in the afternoon. We are looking for a person available for most shifts.



We’re conducting a survey and your input would be appreciated. Please take a few minutes to let us know your favourite parts of the fair and your suggestions for next year by completing the survey emailed out by the office on behalf of the C2 Fair Group. The survey has only 2 questions and your responses will be collated and shared with the planning group.

We would appreciate receiving your thoughts and feedback by this Friday, 16th November!

Thank you & much love from the C2 Fair Group