17th October 2018


Elf and Ginger are proud to announce the birth of 12 small piglets, genders not yet established, at the farm in the early hours of this morning. We are overjoyed at this news and ask you all to help Elf become the mother she wants so badly to be, by NOT VISITING AT ALL in the next week or so. She will be carefully attended to by the ARAKURA children supervised by Anne and their teachers but we ask that no other children or families visit under any circumstance whatsoever until further notice.  We want to give this new family the best start possible and thank you all for your sensitivity at this time. As with all nursing mothers she will have a voracious appetite and would greatly appreciate you leaving scraps for her in the pig bins at the back of class 3.

And just a reminder about rural protocols going forward: Farmers leave gates and fences as they need to be to tend and safeguard their animals. Therefore the rule is LEAVE THINGS EXACTLY AS YOU FIND THEM. Please do not turn electric fences off and please leave shut gates shut and open gates open.




  • Wed 17 Oct – Class 3 Parent Evening at 7pm
  • Fri 19 Oct – Last Mary Willow Workshop session at 9am in the Whare
  • Mon 22 Oct – Labour Day – No School or Kindergarten today
  • Tue 23 Oct – Teacher Only Day School – No School and Te Arakura but Kindergarten open as normal
  • Wed 24 Oct – Class 1 Parent Meeting at 7pm
  • Wed 24 Oct – Class 2 Parent Meeting at 7pm
  • Mon 29 Oct – Te Arakura Parent Evening at 6:30pm at the Farm
  • Tue 30 Oct – Class 4 Violin Concert – 2pm
  • Tue 30 Oct – Board of Trustees Meeting at 5:30pm in the staffroom
  • Wed 31 Oct – Royal Garden Party – Invitations underway – Remember this his a surprise and don’t tell the children
  • Wed 31 Oct – Te Arakura All Hallows Pizza Evening at the same time as Royal Garden Party – Invite underway
  • Wed 31 Oct – All Hallows Ceilidh – Details to come
  • Sun 11 Nov – Annual Fair and Open Day
  • Tue 12 Nov – Teacher Only Day – No School or Kindergarten today
  • Wed 13 Nov – Advance Warning – possible strike day for school teachers
  • Tue 20 Nov – Kindergarten Parent Evening at 6pm
  • Fri 14 Dec – Class 1 9 am Parent Sharing
  • Mon 17 Dec – Classroom Moves – all hands on deck needed this day
  • Mon 17 Dec – Rose Graduation (in the evening)
  • Tue 18 Dec – Shepherd’s Play  – Seperate performances for Kindergarten, School and Parents – Timings TBC
  • Tue 18 Dec – Last Day of Term 4 – School finishes at 1pm and Kindergarten operates as normal
  • Thu 31 Jan – First Day of 2019 Term 1

Kindergarten Information Afternoons:

Wed 24 Oct at 3:15pm  –  Wed 21 Nov 3:15pm







Our last term for 2019 started with 28 very excited little children dressed for business in farm overalls with beautiful checked knapsacks on their backs, handmade by Suzanne and a chariot full of doings, setting out on the long hikoi up to their new home at the farm.

On the way they were farewelled in song, by what looked, for all the world, like a sea of sunflowers.

Then more formally welcomed by the middle school with a powerful and moving waiata.

The crew of what will eventually become next years Class 1 waka, then wended their way up to the pavilion where they were welcomed to the farm by Class 7- this time with the school song.

Leaving their parents behind they walked up to their new home at the farm and bush to find this:  Our new outdoor classroom a space crafted especially for these lucky little ones by several of our classes together with Michael numerous teachers and kindergarteners and some very kind and generous parents.

Waldorf Education is sometimes described as offering learning from two books. One is the Book of Nature and the other is the Book of Civilization.  Our outdoor classroom experience gives the ground for the children to experience the learning of both of these books in a deep rich, practical and pretty authentic way all in the one place.

If you have valued the hard and practical arts learning experiences your children have had at the farm, or in the bush and gardens then you will understand how grateful we are to those original founders and pioneers and all the parents who along the last 25 or so years have donated money and deeds to making the very programs your children are currently enjoying.

Their children did not have them, making do in many cases with very, very little, but inspired, as I hope you will be inspired to also gift towards the improvement and deepening  of  learning experiences for all the tamariki of our community present and future,  not just your own.  This is the essence of our kaupapa as a community and in 2018 looking towards 2019 continues to seem to me, to be a gloriously brave vision and ideal.

It is certainly one upheld by our teachers who despite our current financial situation have continued to develop our outdoor classroom and practical arts program right up to this last term break.   Just last weekend we held our first ever open to the public,

Playing with the Elements Workshop

Check out our new state of the art forge and bellows – again built by Michael, children and again with generous support from some wonderfully kind parents, all of them working out of hours and over the odds.

Our farm, garden and outdoor classroom has become a signature of our school, a point of difference and one which we hope in time will play a part in our future sustainability.

Go and visit sometime and see what passionate people can
make out of very little.  I think it would inspire the hardest of hearts.

Mary T-J


Commercial Math Main Lesson Class 6 – more than meets the Eye!

You know it is interesting this journey… the journey of a Waldorf Teacher. It brings many joys and many challenges. As some of you know I have been a parent of this community for 2 decades, and became very envious of the education my husband and I provided our 3 children, so embarked in retraining, to become a Primary Teacher.

One thing I keep reflecting on after my three years teaching in the state sector, is the depth and well thought out curriculum that we have here in our Waldorf School. It is really hard to fully explain the layers of depth and meaning that the children have access to, but basically it is just awesome. I will give you an example:  Commercial Maths in Class 6.

At the outset, I thought I ‘ve got this, a nice simple Main Lesson! We always work from a social perspective so two of the questions I wanted the children to explore and experience were :

What is money and why does one need it?

What would our life be like without it?

I thoroughly enjoyed our whole class discussions (discussions like this are both hilarious and heart-warming with a bunch of lively 12 year-olds) as these young souls have so much wisdom and insight into the big picture of the world!

We then embarked on working at home for money, to use as the funds needed to launch a business idea into fruition, and then to make items to sell at a Friday Market. This amazing bunch of children chose to raise funds for The Children of Nepal Foundation (attached to The Tashi Waldorf School) by selling mainly food items at our Friday Market.  Two days of working, and we were ready!!  Of course the whole time we were participating in  authentic and relevant mathematics tasks,  especially budgeting.  Not to mention, self-management and problem solving skills. Do you know, for example that 1 teaspoon of baking powder costs 4 cents?

Standing proud and excited they met our  Friday market community with smiles and professionalism and amazingly,  they raised $1003 within an hour! This money has been used to purchase stationary needed in that far-off school and will support the building of a working kitchen.

With love

Shirley Bacica

Class 6 Teacher


By now all families should have received an overview up to the end of Term 3 in the mail. Please do check yours and let me know if your records need updating or our records do not match yours.  If you have not been able to contribute what you expected there are always ways to help. Before the fair for example we are looking for people to

  • Stain the perimeter fences so we look bright and shiny and add consition and longevity to our resources.
  • Clean light shades in several kindergartens and classes- this needs sure-footed people who are comfortable on ladders or even a pair.
  • Relief and regular cleaning… yes still…
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Helping Anne in garden and farm.

With the overview, we have also included the pledge form for 2019. This year the forms went out early to make sure we have sufficient time to work on the budget for next year. We kindly ask you to return the completed special character commitment form and pledge form ASAP but no later than 29/10/18.

As this goes to print I am happy to tell you that we have already received 13 returned forms, representing 20 children with Class 4 and Te Arakura striking out into the lead, closely followed by Autumn Rose Kindergarten as follows. This is a great start and I am really hopeful that this early momentum will be maintained.

Kotahi 2 Autumn Rose 3
Spring Rose 1 Summer Rose 1
Te Arakura 4
Class 1 2  Class 2 2
Class 3 2 Class 4 4
Class 5 Class 6 1

Remember if you have misplaced your form you can find it and fill it out on our website.  You might also like to print it from there and scan it to us.   If you have questions or need any help filling the form out please do call me, I am happy to assist you or to discuss options. I work part time therefore please do email me on pledges@waldorftga.nzor call/txt me on 021 588301 to arrange a time to catch up.

Many thanks


(Pledge Manager)


Term 4 Sports

We would just like to remind you that Sports Fees are now due 🙂 Our preferred method of payment is direct debit into the Schools Bank Account:

Account Number: 12-3146-0227252-00  /  Account Name: Tauranga Waldorf School  /  Reference: your child’s name and the sport they are playing…like “Flipperball”

Charlotte will give your child their uniform once fees are paid so don’t leave it until the last day to pay!

Welcome Bay Lions Raffle Tickets

A huge thank you to everyone who had already sold and returned their raffle tickets! It’s great to hear that many of you are wanting extra to sell, please pop by the office on Friday this week to collect some more! There are some awesome prizes up for grabs this year and all money raised goes towards our fair total. Tickets and money are due back by Thursday November 1st. Many thanks!



Clothing Swap

Unfortunately, the Clothing Swap which was planned this Friday had to be cancelled due to a lack of interest.


Anne needs your help with the biodynamic 500 stirring – all welcome!

Every year in Spring and Autumn we apply preparation 500 to our lovely school grounds and gardens. Preparation 500 increases our soil life and works with the water and calcium in the soil. The preparation has to be stirred for an hour and gets then spread over the grounds and gardens. It’s an enjoyable, social activity for all ages!

When:  Friday, 26th October at 3pm  /  Meet:  At the back of the field  /  Bring: A bucket so you can take some prep 500 home for your garden

For further info please call Anne 07 533 2282 (evenings).



Hello again from the Class Two Fair Group!  

ROSTER SHEETS – The roster sheets for the 2018 Fair are up outside the office. Please sign up for 4 work hours on the fair day or set up on Saturday.  ONE LOVE FOOD TRUCK really needs your help!  This is a busy food stall with proceeds going to the school. Please sign up asap!
CONTRIBUTIONS LISTS – All class contributions are due this week! Please put your crafts in the drop box on the bench in the cowshed by Friday 19th October
WHO WANTS TO COORDINATE THE SMOOTHIE BIKE?  Contact Mariana at mariana.zuquim@gmail.com or 021 1519487
THURSDAY MORNING CRAFT GROUP in the cowshed from 9-11am. Come along to ask questions about contributions list crafts, learn a new skill, find out about natural materials, or be guided in making a craft for the craft shop. We would really love to see you there!  If you have any questions, but can’t come to the group, please contact: Hannah at hayden.hannah@hotmail.com or 022 647 5381 (Craft Group) or Jules at julianaking@hotmail.com or 021 071 2941 (Contributions List)
BEADS – Wooden beads, glass beads, thread-able shells!  Please contact Debbie on debbieturbitt@gmail.com or 021 169 7662
DECORATIONS AND PROPS FOR THE GYPSY TEA CARAVAN – Janine is creating a gypsy caravan vibe inside the cowshed on fair day. Donations are needed for decorations and props – they would not be used and kept clean.  Moroccan-feel, metal (brass, copper, silver) trinkets, tea sets, tin trays, moroccan and berber cushions and rugs, sarees and brightly coloured cottons, muslins- not pastel colours- earthy colours are just fine, gauzy richly coloured fabrics, old metal/tin trays. Contact Janine on coastpalms@xtra.co.nz or 027 655 3900
VISITING ANIMALS NEEDED – The farm experience stall are looking for friendly animals that the public may pet. If you have an usual animal then we will take those too! We hope to run a timetable for the petting stall as we don’t want to exhaust or overwhelm our pets! Be assured we will take very good care of them all! If you would like to hang with your animal even better just put your name, time slot and cell phone on the roster at the office. We need little fences or the like to make sure there are no escapees! Contact Cassandra organicmechanics@xtra.co.nz or 027 302 1649
OUTDOOR FURNITURE LOANS – Outdoor furniture is needed to borrow on fair day.  The set up crew can pick it up from your house – no hassle to you!  Please contact Claudia claudia.hellberg@gmail.com or 021 594 029
BASKETS – For the silent auction.