19th September 2018


  • Tue 25 Sep – Parents of Class 1 Meeting at 2pm in Whare
  • Fri 28 Sep – Kindy Play at 10:30am at Whare
  • Fri 28 Sept – Last Day of Term and School Michael Spring Festival at 12 noon at Amphitheatre. Early finish for school 1pm
  • Mon 15 Oct – First Day of Term 4
  • Mon 15 Oct – Te Arakura Hikoi – more info to come
  • Tue 16 Oct – String Ensemble at the Whare 6pm to 8pm
  • Wed 17 Oct – Class 3 Parent Evening at 7pm
  • Mon 22 Oct – Labour Day No school or Kindergarten today
  • Tues 23 Oct – Teacher only Day – No School and Te Arakura but Kindergarten is open as usual
  • Wed 31 Oct – All Hallows Ceilidh
  • Wed 31 Oct – Royal Garden Party (as always we keep this a surprise and don’t tell the children about it)
  • Sun 11 Nov – Annual Fair and Open Day
  • Mon 12 Nov – Teacher only day – No School or Kindergarten today
  • Tue 20 Nov – Kindergarten Parent Evening 6pm
  • Wed 12 Dec – Te Arakura Parent Evening 7pm

Kindergarten Information Afternoons:

Tue 25 Sep at 1pm  –  Wed 24 Oct at 3:15pm  –  Wed 21 Nov 3:15pm


A sure sign that Spring is here are the blossoms on the flowering cherry tree outside Class 1 and then to hear Class 1 practising the iconic “We will work with our will” while stomping forwards and backwards really confirms that our Michael Spring Festival is also imminent. All other classes are beginning to practice their part in the festival story too and soon those parts will begin to weave together to tell the story of Saint Michael and the dragon, and of courage and honour.

There is an amount of logistical planning that goes into making the festival happen, and below are the pieces that we need parental help with please.

Colours to be worn by the children in each class, so please have your child come to school on festival day dressed in the following colours:

Class 1 – the Gnomes, wearing dark red, brown or earthy colours

Class 2 – the Meteors, wearing yellow, orange or fiery colours

Class 3 – the Dragon, wearing festival white (hidden under the dragon skin!)

Class 4 – the Villagers, wearing pastel colours

Class 5 – the Music, wearing white t-shirts (no logos) and blue bottoms

Class 6 – the Mill, wearing white t-shirts (no logos) and dark bottoms

Class 7 – the Angels, wearing white

School Timetable on Friday 28thSeptember:

Each class assembles in their classrooms before moving to their places around the Amphitheatre at 11.45am ready for the Festival to begin at 12 noon. The festival will run for around 30 minutes. The children return to their classrooms while the parents and Class 7 remain for a verse.

Once the classes are released by their teacher, families can reconnect and have a picnic in the amphitheatre, enjoy the food on sale from Class 4 & 5, or go home and begin the holidays.

Reminder that the School Festival is for school children only.

For Kindergarten Timetable on Friday 28thSeptember see the following republishing of an earlier email that hopefully you have already read and digested.

We hope that the current variable spring weather settles so that we can have a gloriously dry Michael Spring Festival – see you then.

Warm regards

Louise, Suzanne, Ipa and Taryn

Festival Group.


The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer and the winds are blowing stronger – telling us that Spring is finally here!  With that the term will be drawing to a close with the final day being 28th of September. The kindergarten and the school have separate activities on this day – the following is a timetable for the kindergarten.  This is parent information, please do not discuss this with your child.

9:00 Children arrive at kindergarten as normal.

10:30 Children will be taken by the kindergarten teachers down to the school Whare to watch a puppet story. Parents are welcome to come but please do not feel pressured to attend if you have other obligations and we ask that you make alternative arrangements for younger siblings – if this is not possible please speak to your kindergartener. If you do wish to attend please park at Utopia Heights and walk down the stairs, along the cycle path and then directly to the Whare just before 10:30. The reason we ask you to park up at Utopia Heights is so that the school children won’t be interrupted while setting up their festival. For those of you who don’t know where the cycle path is, please speak with your Kindergarteners. The doors will be closed at 10:30 and nobody will be admitted after this as we do not want the story interrupted.   From here the children will return to the kindergarten where they will play, engage in some spring activities and have a snack.  If you wish to take your child early they may be picked up from kindergarten only (not from the Whare). The kindergarten will not be providing a cooked lunch so if your child is attending for the afternoon then please provide a healthy, peanut-free lunch.  Kindergarten will remain open until 3:00.

As in past years we ask again that the kindergarten children DO NOT attend the school festival on this day, as some of the aspects of the Michael Spring Festival are not age-appropriate for the younger child. If you have older children at school and are attending the school picnic you are welcome to collect your child (and only your child) at the conclusion of the festival.

If you have further questions please see your kindergartener.


A quick note to the Parents of 2019 Class 1

– there will be a parent meeting held on Tuesday 25thSeptember, 2pm in the Whare


… it’s that time of the year again!

The annual pleasure of meeting the small people who will make up our 2019 Class 1 is now well underway and the play-dates we have been having together over the last weekends have been harvesting a whole new round of Classics and Howlers.

A play-date favourite  is the Word Game – an activity that allows the little ones to show what they have discovered about how words work , what words mean , how they can be different and how they fit together in terms of syntax and grammar. It starts simply and becomes more complex. EG

Q         I eat from a plate . I drink from a                            A.   Cup , glass, beaker, flask etc

Q         A bird flies in the air. A fish swims in the               A.   Water, sea, lake, pond etc

It’s nearly always a doddle for our kids because a social play-based learning environment is naturally word-rich and because the Waldorf story –telling tradition reinforces it.   So I probably shouldn’t be so delighted by how highly they score and how original and sensational some of the answers are. Here are a couple of this year treasures…

Me:                I sit on a chair. I sleep on a                         A (bed, bunk, divan, cot couch)

Child:              Log .

Me:                Really?

Child:              Well I would, but my mum won’t let me so I have to sleep in a bed.

Me:                I hit with my hands I kick with my …?         A. ( feet, foot_)

Child:              Feet.      But Mary, you know we don’t actually do that here!

And the winner this year…

Me:                A man may be a king            a woman be a …?     A. (Queen, princess)

Child:              SLAVE

So there we go.  You read it here first.

Mary T-J

Class Play Season

For teachers Class Plays can be a nightmare – generally scheduled for term 3 , they navigate a veritable Bermuda Triangle of challenges. These include student absences at critical moments in the process; student discontent about allocation of roles;   student disappointment about  costumes which are rarely sufficiently glamorous or to their taste;  dismay from parents who are asked to support the learning of lines and some of whom get to realize for the first time how difficult their children can be to support in a learning activity.

But as one of our teachers remarked after a play recently- Class Plays are so worth it!  Not because of the growing self management and presentation skills the children build, and not because of the opportunity they get to deepen the Main Lesson cultural epoch of their year and not even because they get to take part in performance drama at a high level.

Said teacher returned to her classroom after a performance to find the whole class without exception sitting together in a large circle eating and chatting. This same class are somewhat famous in the Tauranga Waldorf School for expressing opposing opinions vehemently and creating factions .  For them conflict resolution has not to date, been a high priority, so to view such cooperation and inclusion was unusual. And moving.

As she told it, the play had offered the children the opportunity to see themselves as a group of contributors together on a learning journey, rather than a bus full of passengers, along for a ride, the quality of which was provided by others.  Lucky kids I say!

Mary T-J

Parent Corner

Foodbank Appeal

Every week, thousands of New Zealanders rely on food support. There is often not enough in the food banks to meet the need. Your donations make a huge difference, which is why we have placed donation boxes into each class room and kindergarten. Every little bit makes a difference, thank you for your support!

Clothing Swap

Your child doesn’t fit into last year’s wetsuit anymore?

Before you throw the one out and buy a new one, check out the clothes swap:

– collect & bring your own kids’ preloved clothes you no longer need to the first Friday Market after spring break

– this is a new initiative trying to help upcycling our children’s clothes within our lovely community

– the plan is to have the clothes swap after every spring & autumn break

– so hold on to those clothes before they go into the clothing bin

– anyone can participate and anyone is welcome to grab preloved clothes (even if you didn’t bring any)

– clothes left over will go back to the family (need to be labelled or parent needs to stay) or to charity

For further questions contact Ina (“Eena”): 021 1544558.

Kids Fun Day – Selwyn Ridge School

The Welcome Bay Lions Club is running a Fun Day at Selwyn Ridge School on Saturday 13 October as a fundraiser for Child Cancer .It begins at 10am and goes through until 2.30pm.There is a gold coin donation per person as entry to the Fun Day. There will be lots of activities for the kids to be involved in including a bike decoration competition. potato and spoon races ,3 legged races ,face painting, a police dog demonstration, pony rides and a petting zoo.

Workshop opportunity – Playing with the Elements

Tauranga Waldorf School is proud to host an Outdoor Classroom Hands-on Workshop conducted by experienced Steiner Educator and Master Craftsman John Lawry.

Simplicity Parenting Workshop Opportunity


My name is Diana and I will be looking after reception duties for 2-3 days per week, alongside Diane whom you already know, until the end of this year. Diana and Diane, you might ask? Yes! Pure coincidence as it turns out (we even have the same initials) and definately not trying to confuse everyone!

For those of you who don’t know me….

I’ve been a parent here at the Kindergarten and School for the last 4 years and my two girls are currently attending Spring Rose Kindergarten and Class 2. I feel very fortunate to be part of our great community and I am looking forward to getting to know more of our children and parents over the next few months.

As with every new role, I have been on a steep learning curve since I’ve started and it will probably take me a little while to remember everything and to get familiar with children and parents names.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

Class 5 Fundraising Notices

  • Clothing sale at Greerton Hall Market 29th September 9am to 12pm
  • Movie night Monday 24th September, 8pm – “Johnny English Strikes Again”, light supper provided, tickets from Class 5 or www.eventbrite.com
  • Body butter, hoodies at Friday Market
  • Friday sausage sizzle
  • Class 5 sausage sizzle following the Michael Spring Festival and Class 4 are doing spring cakes – please bring coins!!

Oscar Program

We are looking for an Oscar coordinator from the beginning of Term 4 to join and expand our existing team.  This is a part time job made up of mostly afternoon shifts. Call the office and ask to speak to Mary or Marlis for more information or alternatively email, finance@waldorftga.nz.

If you know of someone who could be interested in the wider or former parent community  please pass this message on.

From the Pledge Office

Thank you to all the people who have stepped forward to help with cleaning and offered to do more in the last month or so. With more people cleaning on a Friday the burden seems to have lifted a little and we are getting through the work better and in better spirits too.

Next up is the holiday clean so if you have not been able to contribute to the level committed to for your pledge this year and you could spare a day or so in the term break to make the classrooms beautiful again please call Jessica our cleaning coordinator on 0221923977 or drop a line to Marlis in the pledge office pledge@waldorftga.nz.

Last word

Many of you know this was to be Cathy’s last newsletter and final day with us today as receptionist and first contact for our school and kindergarten. Unfortunately Cathy has been unwell this week, so our plans to farewell her in style have been postponed.

Meantime we send her all our love and thanks for five wonderful, hilarious and colourful years and wish her a speedy recovery.


Please contact the office with your absentee messages before 9:30am each morning. If you have messaged your class or kindergarten teacher can you please copy your office to the office. To help us in this time of transition, when reporting your child’s absence, please mention your child’s first and last name, the class and/or kindergarten they are attending and the reason for their absence.


Hello again from the Class Two Fair Committee!

CONTRIBUTIONS LISTS – Contributions lists are up outside your children’s classrooms. Please sign up in the class of your eldest child.

ROSTER SHEETS – The roster sheets for the 2018 are up outside the office. Please sign up for 4 work hours on the fair day or set up on Saturday.

SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR THE VINTAGE CAFE – Janine is creating a gypsy caravan vibe inside the cowshed on fair day. Donations/loans of the following are needed: Brass, copper, silver plated trinkets and/or tea sets (decorative, will not be used), moroccan and berber cushions and rugs (decorative), sarees and brightly coloured cottons, muslins- not pastel colours- earthy colours are just fine, gauzy richly coloured fabrics, old metal/tin trays. Contact Janine on coastpalms@xtra.co.nz or 027 6553900

THURSDAY MORNING CRAFT GROUP in the cowshed from 9-11am. Come along to ask questions about contributions list crafts, learn a new skill, find out about natural materials, or be guided in making a craft for the craft shop. We would really love to see you there!  If you have any questions, but can’t come to the group, please contact: Hannah at hayden.hannah@hotmail.com or 022 6475381 (Craft Group) or Jules at julianaking@hotmail.com or 0210712941 (Contributions List)

WHO WANTS TO COORDINATE THE SMOOTHIE BIKE?  Contact Mariana at mariana.zuquim@gmail.com or 021 1519487