20th February 2019


  • TONIGHT – Parent Education in Class 5 at 6:30pm – Rubicon / 9 year change talk
  • Mon 4 Mar – Class 7 Parent Evening
  • Tue 5 Mar – Shrove Tuesday
  • Wed 6 Mar – Ash Wednesday
  • Fri 8 Mar – Photo Day (School only)
  • Fri 12 Apr – Last Day of Term 1
  • Mon 29 Apr – First Day of Term 2

Kindergarten Information Afternoons: 

Wed 13th March at 3:15pm  /  Wed 12th June at 3:15pm


The warmest of welcomes either back or to the 2019 Tauranga Waldorf school and kindergarten year. We’ve had a very gentle and civilized start to our year with two short weeks but we are now into the year in earnest!

Joining us are a number of new families, in the school, nearly all transferring from other Waldorf schools both in NZ and internationally. I’d ask you all to remember back to when you were new and if and when you see new faces, please do stop and introduce yourselves. While all Waldorf schools have things in common we also develop very differently and being new folk, is rarely completely comfortable.

We also have one new teacher joining us in the school this year. Below you will see a photo of a young woman I’d love you to introduce yourself too and help enjoy all the treasures our country school in the city has to offer.

Mary T-J x


Hello everyone, for those of you who’ve not met me yet, I’m Ayla. You may have seen me around the school late last year relief teaching. After four years teaching internationally in London and Bangkok, I felt it was time for me to move home to Aotearoa.

Teaching in a Steiner school is a natural progression for me. Before I was an educator, I was a Steiner child myself attending a Steiner school in the Waitakere ranges in Auckland. I also specialised in Steiner Education in my Bachelor degree.

I’m happy to be here in Tauranga, settling back into a more nature based lifestyle.



The beginning of a new year is always and exciting time for us, as we make plans for how we will improve our school and kindergartens in the year ahead.  We are hoping to achieve a number of things in 2019 which will impact on your children and their teachers.

For example we are hoping to be able to increase the hard surface area in the school to create better access to the field and more multi- purpose play-space; we are hoping to upgrade our water system and get much needed water further up the site and we are also looking at some remodeling in Spring Rose Kindergarten and more development of the Wilderland area.

Of course these things, as well as all the extra curriculum programs you have become used to, are dependent on the funding we receive from our parent community, so thank you to all of you who have returned pledge forms and a very big thank you to those who have got your automatic payments up and running already. Over the last years we have been able to plan much better and achieve much more by having a steady cash flow that we can rely on.

For those of you who have signaled a wish to contribute to all the children’s learning experiences with deeds, please expect a phone call in the next week or so. We have a growing list or urgent jobs which we would love you to help us with and will be in touch to support you in your commitment.

Some of you will have noticed the blackboard drawing down in the driveway, drawn for us by one of our graduates, Lily Blue.  The message of encouragement she wrote sums up one of our key values of the adults in a Waldorf school – of working together for the good of the children.

Thank you to each one of you for helping the WST deliver on the special character education you have chosen for your child via your pledge commitment for 2019.

Ka Kite, Louise Gawn



The Board of Trustees held their first meeting of the year on Sunday afternoon, 17 February.

After a number of years of dedicated time and effort, Peter Flint confirmed that he was stepping down as chairperson to allow another trustee to take on the role. I was very pleased to nominate Lisa Hickling, and her appointment was unanimously passed by all the trustees. On behalf of the trustees I would like to welcome Lisa to her new role

For those of you who do not know Lisa, I encourage you to go to the school website and look under the People / Board of Trustees tab. Lisa has already made a huge contribution to the school, including as Fair Co-ordinator and Fundraising Co-ordinator, and has been a Trustee for the last few years.


Very importantly, on behalf of the Board of Trustees I would like to pass on our huge thanks and appreciation to Peter Flint for all the time, energy and effort that he has put into the school Board.  Most people will be unaware of the vast amount of time Peter has spent, and the huge positive contribution that he has made, in his capacity as Trustee and chairperson.  All of that time and energy has been voluntarily given to our school by Peter – time and energy that he could otherwise have spent with his extended family, children, wonderful wife Michelle, running his business or just having some time out riding his bike.

At our recent meeting our principal, Mary, expressed her thanks to Peter for his support, which she said had been essential to her.

If you see Peter at school, I encourage you to take a few seconds to thank him for all his time and effort.

You will also be pleased to know that the first meeting of the year had a very positive feeling. The teacher representative, Michael Rall, reported that the teachers were generally feeling positive and optimistic about the year and were working well as a group. As evidence of this I encourage you to review the school’s academic achievement results, which are included in the school’s website under the People / Board of Trustees tab.  In particular, look at the school’s results in classes five, six and seven.  I think most people would agree that those results are outstanding – “Learning in time Learning over time”. Congratulations to the teachers.

Finally, elections for the Board of Trustees are being held later this year. If you are considering running, I encourage you to review the information available on the website and to come along and observe our next meeting on 19th March at 5.30pm.

Nathan Smith


Friday Market

We’ve had some queries lately about the Friday Market and about the process for choosing stalls, so it seems like a good moment to explain how this works. Our market was dreamed up as a service to our community – a place where we could meet, enjoy each others’ company while buying fresh produce and our bread for the week plus other craft items.

Sometimes we have had some class fundraising stalls which have helped get children to camp (think of the purple hoodies as one example). Other times we have had whole classes hold stalls. Class 6 last year did this as part of their Commercial Maths Main lesson and raised $1000 to send to a poor community. This was a great experience on the one hand but caused some headaches on the other.  Much of what the children had for sale was sugar-laden and was heartily received at the time. Later we received complaints from both teachers and parents about small children whose ‘sugared-up’ behaviour became violent.

As a result of that experience and some other similar experiences the decision was taken to limit the amount of sugar on sale at any one time. The intention behind this decision is to support you and your children in healthy habits and, in doing so, uphold our community values.

If you are interested in having a stall to sell crafts or healthy foods, please contact the volunteer market coordinator, Jane Powell on 027 405 8201



News on the Te Reo classes

Our proposal to hold Te Reo classes on site in 2019 has unfortunately been abandoned as we couldn’t reach the participant numbers required by Te Wananga o Aotearoa.

We understand that those of you who registered your interest in these classes have been contacted subsequently by the Wananga with the offer of an alternate venue.If you haven’t been contacted and are still interested, you can contact the Wananga to find out about the options still available. Call 0800 355 553


Upcoming Photo Day (school children only)

Our next Photo Day is scheduled to take place on Friday, 8th March 2019. Pre-payment envelopes will be handed out to each student this week and we ask you to please complete and return your order and payment to reception latest by Tuesday, 5th March 19.

For those of you who would like sibling portraits taken on Photo Day, please pick up a pre-paid sibling photo envelope at reception. Sibling photo envelopes, including payment, will also have to be returned to reception latest by Tuesday, 5th March 19 as well. Thank you!


Kia Ora from Kindergarten

We are seeking relievers for Kindergarten.

Rose Ring Kindergarten is extending the pool of on-call relievers.

If you love working alongside an experienced team, caring for 3-6 year old children, have a warm manner, a keen interest in Waldorf Education, and are reasonably flexible, please send your CV to Dominique at kindergartenadmin@waldorftga.nz.


Kia Ora from Playgroup

We trust you have all enjoyed a wonderful summer and we are looking forward to seeing you and your children for the start of the New Year with the Rosebud Playgroup at the Tauranga Waldorf School.

We have started the year with reviewing Rosebud Playgroup and we can support our community better. In the process we identified that Rosebud Playgroup is better suited to run Tuesdays to Thursdays, as Mondays have always been quite low on attendance.

Rosebud Playgroup will now be running each week from Tuesdays to Thursdays from 9:00am to 12:00am lunch time during term time only (closed on Public Holidays).

Also, we would like to say a big welcome to Tina Darlington who has joined the Rosebud Playgroup Team. Those of you who have older children will know that Tina has been teaching at Rose Ring Kindergarten for more than a decade and will continue to do so. We are very fortunate to have Tina run playgroup on Thursdays in future.

If you’d like to find out more information about our Rosebud Playgroup sessions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either Flavia or Tina on rosebud@waldorftga.nz


Private Music Lesson

Classical Guitar, Piano and Keyboard Lessons are available this year. Lessons will be held at the school grounds by Peg Southee – please register your interest by calling Peg on 07 544 2469


Class 5 Fundraising

Class 5 are pleased to announce 2 payment options for the Friday Sausage Sizzle this term.

  1. Cash payment on Thursday morning. Please give the money to your teacher at drop off and your order will be written on the class order sheet.
  2. Term payment via Internet Banking. We can accept an online payment for the whole term. Account Name: Five Fundraising / Account Number: 38-9015-0768873-00. Once you have made payment please txt 021 227 8787 with specifics of your order and we will ensure your order is pre-written on the order form. So need for your to see your teacher on Thursday morning.

All sausages are gluten-free – Meat and vegetarian sausages are available for $2 each  /  $1 Drink and $1 Cake also available

There are 7 sausage sizzles to go this term.

Please contact Catherine 021 227 8787 or Flavia 027 224 9263 if you have any questions.