20th March 2019


  • Mary Willow Workshop at 9am at the Cowshed (Fri 22 Mar / Fri 29 Mar / Fri 5 Apr / Fri 12 Apr)
  • Sun 7 Apr – Founders Meeting at 5pm
  • Fri 12 Apr – Last Day of Term 1 finishes at 1pm
  • Mon 29 Apr – First Day of Term 2


Kia ora tatou,

After the tragedy in Christchurch on Friday, we teachers started this last week feeling a little apprehensive. Not sure how the events would have landed for our community and unclear what the children would have understood and how they might be affected, we decided to set aside everything else and concentrate all our efforts on creating a strongly physically and emotionally rhythmic environment in the school. Thank you for supporting us in prioritizing the children.  

It has been heartwarming to see the way they have reached out to their teachers with questions, which we’ve answered as simply as possible. It’s been a wonderful reminder of the way children process information too- adding new information to concepts they already  have. One middle school girl arrived on Monday morning and announced to her classmates that Europe was at war!  

Do please continue to watch out for the children and note changes in sleep patterns or behavior and reach out to us if you see things that concern you. The following is a helpful guide from the Ministry of Health.


In the meantime it is my great pleasure to announce a new member of our community- and a welcome addition to our Care Team-  anthroposophical nurse Rose Burton who will be practicing on site on Fridays. Rose has moved to the Bay of Plenty recently having worked for many years in anthroposophical medical practices in Auckland where her own children attended Michael Park School.

For those new to Waldorf education, nursing therapies are a wonderful support for children  who sometimes hit bumps in their development, or who need support in harmonizing their emotional systems or strengthening their physical and life forces. We consider ourselves absolutely blessed to be able to offer nursing therapies to the children and warmly thank the Waldorf Schools Trust who subsidize these via pledge contributions. Rose is available to see adults as well and can be contacted at roseburton525@gmail.com.

Please see hello to her and make her feel welcome if you see her around.

Nga mihinui,

Mary T-J


Kia ora koutou! I thought in this WW it might be good to share some of what the BoT does as I’m guessing it’s a bit of a mystery to some. The BoT is concerned with the governance of the school, the actual management of the school is the responsibility of the Principal. This time of the year we are busy up to our elbows in budgets, plans and policy reviews. This week’s spotlight is on policies. Now policies might sound as exciting as a wet, winter weekend in Eketahuna, and lets face it – they kind of are, but they are also a vital backbone of any organisational structure. The BoT sets the policy and then hands it over to the school to develop the procedures – the actions to enact the policy.

Policies guide decision-making on a whole spectrum of circumstances and issues and ensure the wellbeing of staff, children and those that interact with the school. They also need to be reviewed relatively frequently to ensure sure they are still relevant and reflect latest best practice etc. So for example, last week under the Health and Safety policy, the school reviewed and ensured appropriate procedures were in place to respond to an emergency “lock-down” event such as that which occurred at schools in Bellevue and Otomeotai.

In the last update I mentioned the Annual Planning process to which the community had input via the annual parent survey. This Plan outlines the key priorities including those in relation to student achievement and wellness for 2019 and has now been submitted to the MoE. This year’s annual plan includes initiatives for the community to be involved in such as tikanga and te reo Māori, digital/ cyber technological safety and awareness and non-violent communication training. There is also a priority for development of the ampitheatre (by the WST). You can find this plan on the website if you are interested in more detail.

The Board’s priorities this year include the upcoming communications audit and strategy development, and a focus on ensuring and auditing our personnel-related policies and practices.

There is currently a review of Tomorrows Schools that has implications for the overall management and oversight of schools including the BoT its responsibilities and functions that we will be making a submission on this review.

In other news, this year is an election year for school BoTs with elections being held in June. The term is for 3 years and if you would like to know more about what being a trustee entails – the glamour and the glory – please ask one of us and/or feel free to come to one of our meetings (these dates are always in the WW, and please let office know in advance).

That’s it for now, stay safe and in peace

Lisa Hickling

(On behalf of the BoT)




Use of the School Grounds After Hours
Recently we’ve found that some people are using the school grounds for unwelcome and, at times, dangerous activities outside of school hours.
As a result, we’ll be doing a neighbourhood letterbox-drop to introduce ourselves and explain that, while the school grounds are private property, we do have an approved-access register that they’re welcome to join by popping into the office. The register enables us to keep track of who is using the property and ensures we can all stay focused on providing a safe, healthy environment for our children and wider school community.
Use of the register also applies to students and parents of our school who wish to use the grounds after hours. All children must be supervised, if visiting out of hours, to ensure we look after their wellbeing, the wellbeing of others, and comply with health and safety regulations.
We’re also encouraging anyone who notices or hears of undesirable behaviour to notify us immediately. Thank you for your support in respecting and caring for our whenua/land and our people.


Help needed please:

With the holidays just around the corner we are starting to plan the holiday clean. Are you available to help?  Please contact Jessica or Marlis, they can also answer any questions you might have. Thank you

Tax donation receipts

We aim to have the 2019 Tax Receipts ready to send out during the term break. Just a reminder: they will cover any donations received between 1.4.2018 and 31.3.2019.

If you are able to make contributions before 31st of March they will be included in the statement and you will be able to ask for the tax credit claim very soon, by using the IR526 form. We are always happy to help with this.


Class 5 Fundraising

Sweet Deal –  Class 5 will be selling a range of Comvita Honeys at a huge discount, at the Friday Market, starting from 29th March.
Prices range from $12 to $16 for 500g pots.  Come and stock up you won’t get these prices in the shops.

From the Farm – Bio-dynamic preparation 501 spraying:

Anne is asking for your help, ALL welcome, come and learn.

The 501 preparation is sprayed on the school grounds before sun rise. It works with the light forces to strengthen plants and helps to control mildew and brown rot.

When:  Sunday, 24th March 19 at 6:00am (before sun rise)

Where:  Meet in the shelter at the end of the field.

Bring:  A clean backpack sprayer if you have one. Don’t worry if you haven’t got one, Anne has got spares. We stir for an hour before sun rise. Then spray the preparation around the school grounds for half an hour.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 





Always and only SAFETY – Especially children’s safety


Car Pool

Arrive Early

Drive slowly

Use the Drop Off Zone if you have older children.

Utilise the good, flat, peak time parking at the top of the hill beside the containers.

Encorage older children to walk or bike to school if possible.

Use only designated space marked in white.

Enjoy a walk yourself and with your younger children through the school grounds to and from your car.


Park on the left hand side, going up the driveway.

Park on yellow lines or hatched areas.

Park facing up hill at the entrance.

Pick up children any where except the Drop Off Zone.

Use a Mobility Parking Space unless you have a mobility issue.