5th September 2018


  • Wed 5th Sept Kindergarten Information afternoon 3.15pm
  • Tues 18th Sept – Board of Trustees Meeting 5.30pm Staffroom – all welcome
  • Fri 28 Sept
    Last Day of Term and Michael Spring Festival details to follow.  Early finish for school 1pm
  • Mon 15 Oct – First Day of Term 4
  • Mon 22 Oct – Labour Day No school or Kindergarten today
  • Tues 23 Oct – Teacher only Day – No School for school children only
  • Wed 31 Oct – All Hallows Ceilidh
  • Sun 11 Nov – Annual Fair and Open Day
  • Mon 12 Nov – Teacher only day – No School or Kindergarten today


On Friday the school gathered to take part in a Graduation Ceremony for one of our most dearly loved and long serving Class Teachers.   As is our custom, for graduation festivals, each class gave a  performance ‘gift -a standout piece from their year level.

Class 7 danced a particularly courtly and restrained Shoo Fly Shoo – taught to them many years ago by Sheryl –  to the delight and hilarity of the younger classes and  it was especially exciting for us to have Class 1 with us too,  for their first ever assembly.   They deported themselves with a seriousness and sincerity that would melt the crustiest heart. This was followed by a graduation performance, by Sheryl herself, operating in a class of her very own followed by her walk through the Rose Arch.

A walk through the Rose Arch is a very special thing in our school  – reserved exclusively for students leaving the school from Class 7.   But Sheryl’s contribution and influence on so many children as well as teachers lives was such that we felt it only fitting that she have this acknowledgement also. Two children from each class marked her graduation with a guard of honour, marking her journey with  14 roses to signify each of her years as a class teacher and all the gifts she has bestowed on us all.  It was pointed out that she took exactly double the time it took most kids to graduate.

Although Sheryl finishes her time  with us as class  teacher and associate principal she will not be leaving us.   She has taken up a new role in the area of mentoring and teacher development which has become yet another specialty in the last years and we look forward to as many more years as we can get out of her in this role.

Life is a journey!  For me teaching at Tauranga Waldorf School for 14 plus years has been a vocation, a calling inspired by curiosity.  The journey has been as a teacher and very much a personal journey, as I believe it should be.  At Tauranga Waldorf School this is what we are all asked to do – children, parents, teachers, support staff, Board and Trust members, and all who are connected with the school.  Yes, there have been many challenges along the way, some I have not welcomed, but others I have embraced.  I have tried to grow from all my experiences, trust the journey which has been offered to me and ensure that I have done the best I could possibly do.  I have not always got it right, and sometimes I have put my foot into something and disappeared completely, for a time.  My intentions have always been to keep Waldorf Education with its Special Character, alive and strong.

I have loved teaching the Waldorf curriculum and believe what is delivered comes at the right time for the child’s development.  Children need to be children – not little adults.  Allowing the education to be delivered at a slow pace is one of the best aspects of this education, and there are many.  So, parents,  find out what is important at each class level, what is required and embrace each year, because each year is different.

I believe Rudolf Steiner, would say to teachers, Principal, Board and Trust members to keep searching for what is right for your class and your school at this time.  Question carefully what must move or change and challenge any aspects which will dissolve and loosen the ethics of Waldorf Education.  It is a successful education for all, if you believe and trust the journey.

So here it is!  My full-time work at Tauranga Waldorf School is finishing and I am embarking on a different and new venture – still working in the background and supporting. You won’t see me as often, but I will still be around.  Thank you to every one of you, for your support and guidance, which has come in many different ways.  I leave full time class teaching with a smile on my face and with joy in my heart, knowing that there are capable hands, hearts and inspirational thinkers, continuing the Tauranga Waldorf Educational Journey.

Arohanui  Sheryl Jenkins


An event held in our beautiful whare in this last fortnight saw us inching closer to a long held dream of becoming an ongoing cultural destination and venue.

Barry Allen, husband of the more famous Suzanne, although lesser known to some of you, held significant mana  in the school history and so it was an absolute honor to hold a celebration of his life, in the second such funeral ceremony to be held here in recent months.

Barry was a founding member of our first ever Board of Trustees from 2005, as well as a core member of our Fair Hangi team for many years. He was also considered a local and national expert in Boys education and left behind a significant legacy as a teacher.

The Whare ceremony hosted a large crowd,  Saturday last, including Barry and Suzanne’s extended whanau, many local principals and teachers, and a crew of our current and past Trustees and staff.  This was followed by refreshments at the Cowshed where ex- pupils, current pupils and parents all stood shoulder to shoulder with staff, directing parking, decorating blackboards and preparing and serving food.

If we think of a community as a group of people who make an agreement to grow together and learn from each other and the quality of that community to be most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members, then I think we’d have to say that our community star shone very brightly that day.


From the time of Barry’s sudden passing, I’ve felt a blanket of love, support and comfort surround me. This has come from all of you; – colleagues, parents and whanau of the Tauranga Waldorf community, I will always be so truly grateful for your messages, flowers, food and visits.

To those of you who attended the service for Barry in our beautiful Whare – thank you for the love that has kept me strong.

Pa mai to reo aroha Kite pá o te Kura e – Your words of love and support are heard here at the Kura

Arohanui  Suzanne


It’s been a funny old few weeks here at the front desk and each day brought reminders of the joys and sorrows of everyday life for our community and amongst all of that, I found myself at a personal crossroads when an unexpected opportunity presented itself for me to take a leap of faith and move on to pastures new.   I watched quietly from the office the community network at it’s best with love and support for new arrivals and sad farewells, manaakitanga at it’s best, and wondered how I could walk away from all of this.

And then I remembered, almost five years ago (yes, you’ve put up with me for that long) that I took another leap of faith and had only vaguely heard of this wee school in Welcome Bay and would I come on board to help fill the enormous shoes of the departing Louise Rowe.   My first day was spent preparing the arch of the Lily and Rose festival with Anne and as she called out Latin names of flowers (come to think of it they might not have been Latin but I certainly didn’t understand them) and where to place what and I just looked blankly at her.  I’ve only got a garden because it came with the house (and the same can be said for my kitchen).  Anne broke the instructions down into simple terms of red and white flowers and eventually I stood back and looked at the arch and whilst thinking it looked lovely, I thought what on earth have I got myself into.  About an hour later I was sobbing my heart out as the children walked through the arch and that was me, hooked!

So, five years have flown by and I’ve managed to get my one boy successfully through university and another on his journey into college and so it’s time for me to take another leap of faith and try a new challenge.  I’m excited for my new challenge but it’s a bitter sweet feeling knowing I am leaving behind all of “my” children. It’s been a pleasure for our paths to cross and thank you for letting me be a tiny part of your child’s school journey.  I’ll miss their funny little stories, their toothless smiles and their absolute innocence all the way up to the awkward teenagers that try to act too cool for school but I know you are still cuties and will sob buckets when it’s your turn to leave too.   Where else am I going to find a job that presents with an opportunity to enjoy so much birthday cake on an almost daily basis?   Thank you also to my colleagues for making the journey so memorable.  I can reassure you just how hard they all work to make this place so special and it shows in your children.

Did I ever tell you I had Irish parents? Their legacy lives on in me with my humour (sometimes poor and sometimes just plain silly) and capacity to tell a good story.  They also told me an Irish Proverb that says “ your feet will take you to where your heart is”, my feet led me here and they’ll take me on the next journey and I know there’ll be a part of my heart that carries this place with it.

Drop by the office to share a hug, a funny story or a memory before I am on my way.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Aroha mai, aroha atu (love received, love returned)


More from the Office

Mary Willow Update – those of you that recently enjoyed the series of talks with Mary Willow will be waiting patiently to hear of dates for the conclusion of the series.  Please mark your diaries/calendars with the dates of Friday October 19th and Friday November 2nd with confirmed time and venue to follow closer to the date.  Thank you for your patience.  A re-run is currently being shown on Friday mornings and Wednesday afternoons if there is a session you want to catch up on please let Cathy know.

Class 6 Fundraising – for The Children of Nepal (Rudolf Steiner Foundation) as part of their Commercial Maths Main Lesson this Friday 7th September.
The children have worked individually to raise the funds needed to make something to sell at the market. Please come along to support us. All profits going to our chosen charity. Cookies, popcorn, fudge, banana ice-cream, ice blocks and lots more. We hope to see you at the Market on Friday! Many thanks Shirley and Class 6 Children 

Tauranga Foodbank Appeal – the annual appeal is happening right now across the city and boxes will be delivered to our school on Friday, a box for each class and Kindergarten.  We would really appreciate your generous support as you have done in the past.  Please leave your non-perishable food items in the box outside your child’s classroom.  Many thanks for your support.

Welcome Bay Lions Raffle for many years we ran a raffle as part of the annual fair fundraising but found it to be an arduous task.  Since then adopting the idea of working smart and not hard, we’ve piggy backed onto the community raffle run by the WB Lions.  It is a win-win situation for us as we only have to sell the tickets. For each ticket sold we get a contribution back to the school (which is added to the Fair  grand total) and as a bonus two of our graduating students will receive a scholarship prize.  Raffle tickets will be coming out in the coming weeks and we hope we can rely on your support once again for this community wide raffle.

Pigs for Sale – Many of you will have met our new piggy friends up at the farm and it’s now time to find their forever homes and give mum Hermonie a break from the joys of being a new parent.  Piglets are a Kune-Kune and Saddleback Cross, super cute and friendly.  Please see the office or Anne if you’d like to buy one $90 each.

Sports – Winter Sports are wrapping up and we thank our children for their team spirit and our parents for their support especially those stepping up to roles as coaches and managers.  Thank you for your time and energy.   Please ensure your child’s sports uniform is returned to the office freshly laundered ready for the next teams to play in them!    Summer sports forms have been handed out (check the bottom of school bags if you haven’t got one already) and have them returned to the office asap to guarantee your child’s place in their chosen team.   Any questions regarding sport please contact Charlotte Taniwha sports@waldorftga.nz

Crafty Pukeko – We’d love some volunteers to get the shop open more often.  Apologies if you offered before and we never got back to you, but please get back in touch if you can spare half an hour a week (or maybe on a roster basis) please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.  reception@waldorftga.nz

Holiday Cleaning – Term 3 is rapidly coming to an end and we are looking for some cleaning superstars to show our classrooms some love and attention and have them gleaming ready for our teachers and children to start Term 4.   Can you spare a few hours over the term break.  Please get in touch with Marlis pledges@waldorftga.nz

From The OSCAR Program – As previously mentioned,  Maria, our Oscar manager is off to pastures news and finishes with us on Friday. We’d like to express our thanks and gratitude to Maria and wish her well in her new endeavours and remind her to pop back to say hi from time to time.  Thank you Maria.

From Kindergarten Office –  Friday 28th September …please save the date for an important invitation from Kindergarten.  More details to follow.

A line of boots mysteriously appeared outside the cowshed recently.  We thought perhaps some busy children had been down in the courtyard and then rushed off to other more pressing tasks leaving their boots behind but no classes, teachers or children have come back to claim them.  A mystery!   Do you recognise any of these boots?  Please get in touch with the office and reclaim them or they will be used at Kindergarten as spares.   Many thanks


Hello from the Class Two Fair Committee!  We have lots of news for you this week:


Contributions lists are up outside your children’s classrooms. Please sign up in the class of your eldest child. If you have any questions, please ask your class fair/parent liaison. For those parents that do not get to kindy/school much, your fair/parent liaisons will email you a copy so you can reply with your contribution. Craft questions should be directed towards Hannah or Jules, contact details below.


The roster sheets for the 2018 Tauranga Waldorf School Fair are already being filled by the parents, grandparents and other relatives and close friends of our community. Thank you very much for those who already signed up! For clarity, some of the internal stalls’ roster sheets are being managed by the stall coordinator directly and are not displayed alongside the others (like Catch the Rat), but they will in future. Please refer to the list of stalls displayed outside reception to check the stalls for this year. Please allow 4 work hours on the fair day or set up on Saturday, per family.


Just one more stall needs a coordinator!

Bike Smoothie. Blend ingredients using power of legs. Very popular specially with older children. The preparation of the smoothie concentrate is already done and frozen the hard work is done. Someone would just need to set up and run the stall.


Thursday mornings in the cowshed from 9-11am. You are warmly welcomed to come along and help us make beautiful crafts for this year’s school Fair. There will be a range of craft projects on the go, so there will be something to suit everyone. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and learn a new skill, all while enjoying a nice hot cup of tea. It’s also a great chance to ask questions about the contributions list, craft shop, and materials. We would really love to see you there!

Pickle and Sauerkraut Morning – Saturday 13th October.   We recently ran a Marmalade workshop and this was enjoyed by many so please come along to our next workshop, have some fun and learn something new.  We are looking for clean jars for this workshop so if you cant attend please collect your jars and save for Mariana.  mariana.zuquim@gmail.com Thank you!

If you have any questions, but can’t come to the group, please contact:

Craft Shop – Hannah – hayden.hannah@hotmail.com – 022 6475381

Contribution List – Jules – julianaking@hotmail.com – 0210712941


Woollen fleece, plain or coloured.

Woollen yarn.

Thank you so much lovely community!


Class 5 Sausage sizzle on Friday, please remember to bring gold coins if your child wishes to buy lunch. Sausages $2 (vege option available), warm spiced apple juice $2  Cake $1 and Pumpkin Soup $2. Class 5 also look forward to seeing you at the market on Friday where they are selling lots of items to help with their fundraising. Please see order form at the end of this newsletter for Thank you for your support.

The Annual BOP Suzuki Concert is coming up! Join us on Saturday 8th September, 3pm at Tauranga Boys College, Graham Young Youth Theatre, for a rousing musical concert featuring Tauranga’s talented, young Suzuki students, many of whom attend Tauranga Waldorf School

Our kids are working really hard to prepare for this and we’d love to see you all there!

$5 adults, $2 children, under 5’s are free. Approx 1 hour.

For more information contact Cat: 0212278787