Poutū-te-rangi / Maehe 2021

Tuesday 23rd March 2021


Leftover items

 Leftover items Please collect any personal items from the deck of the Michael Hut as soon as possible. If you are missing items, please contact the stallholder responsible (if known) or email fair@waldorf.tga.nz    

Your feedback is welcomed!

  Your feedback is welcomed! The Fair Committee would like to invite your feedback by way of this short survey: Fair and Open Day Feedback Survey. We would appreciate all feedback in by the end of March please.  


 Winners Congratulations to the winners of the Stack-a-Crate Rocktopia individual passes who are Poppy Waddell (Class 2) with 10 crates and Jai Robertson (Class 6) with 11 crates high. Well done!! Of the 65 people who had a go at orienteering, Zaci, Ethan...

From the Fair Group – Thank you!

 From the Fair Group - Thank you!  Kia ora! Thank you so much for your heartfelt input into creating such a beautiful community event on Sunday. We would like to acknowledge everyone who contributed in ways big and small, including those who have organised...