28th November 2018


  • Mon 3 Dec – Class 3 Parent Concert in the Whare – Timing TBC
  • Thu 6 Dec – !! John Parson’s Internet Health and Wellbeing Presentation in the Whare !! Sessions: 9am for parents (all classes)  /  6:30pm for parents and students
  • Wed 12 Dec – Te Arakura Parent Evening at 7pm in Class 1
  • Fri 14 Dec – Class 1 Parent Sharing at 9am
  • Mon 17 Dec – Classroom Moves – all hands on deck needed this day
  • Mon 17 Dec – Rose Graduation 6pm to 7pm in the Amphitheatre (seated by 6pm)
  • Tue 18 Dec – Shepherd’s Play – see below for viewing times 
  • Tue 18 Dec – Last Day of Term 4 – School finishes at 1pm and Kindergarten operates as normal
  • Mon 28 Jan – Auckland Anniversary
  • Tue 29 Jan – Kindergarten Teacher Only Day
  • Thu 31 Jan – First Day of 2019 Term 1
  • Wed 6 Feb – Waitangi Day

Shepherd’s Play viewing times:

10:00am – 10:30am – Te Arakura and classes 1 – 6  /  11:45am – 12:15pm Kindergarten  /  12:30pm – 1pm Class 7 and parents

Kindergarten will be closed: Wed 19 Dec 18 – Fri 11 Jan 19

Rambling Rose will be operating: Mon 14 Jan 19 – Fri 25 Jan 19 AND Wed 30 Jan 19



Transitions occur all day, every day, for all of us and as adults we’ve developed (more or less) functional strategies to cope with them.  The children, on the other hand, are still in the process of building their transition resilience. Learning to change activities without incident, is not achieved quickly or easily by any means. You know this when it is meal-time and the children are engaged in a game!

On a daily basis and right through the school, teachers work to support children who regularly opt out and/or melt down in transitions between lessons or between break-times and lessons. So the partnership of parents in helping us build those ‘transition muscles’ is crucial for both wellbeing and learning. And luckily there are quite simple things that can really, really help.

  • Predictable family routines to start the day and leave the house are gold for all children but anxious and sensitive children in particular.
  • Relentlessly kind but firm approaches – no matter what – to ensure that meltdowns are understood but not rewarded or reinforced.
  • Scaffolding transitions by managing the children’s developing sense of time. Warning ahead with limited choices …‘We will be leaving in 5 minutes and you can either put that away now by yourself, or I can help you. Which would you like?’
  • Supporting the building of children’s skills and independence over time within these routines is hugely helpful also. Things like learning to tie their shoe laces, learning to first carry and then manage their own gear and timetables, builds the joy of cooperation, sense of contribution, as well as self esteem.

As a College of Teachers, we’ve noticed that some of the strategies that we’ve used and worked well in the past, to help children stressed by transitions; such as suggesting an afternoon or day off in the middle of the week, have in many cases now, become counterproductive – creating even more difficult transitions in rejoining the class the next day. We’ve noticed more and more children after absences displaying anxiety and struggling socially either withdrawing or melting down with cumulatively negative effects for their wellbeing. In response and particularly in the younger classes and kindergarten we are increasingly looking to adapt our programs and our approach to manage the stress, anxiety and fatigue levels of all the children.

One of the big hopes of Waldorf education is to foster the development of resilient individuals who are able to both find their own direction in life and be able to accept understand and enjoy contributing to the wellbeing of others also. As they say, these things take a whole village, so thank you for taking the time to read this and partnering the teachers in providing the absolute best we can for the children of our community.

Mary T-J

(For the College)

For those of you who missed the last Mary Willow talk “ Setting Your Child up for Success” where she summarised many transition techniques and a very useful list of dos and don’ts please call or email the office with a list of times either mornings or afternoons where you would be available to hear this. We are really keen that this wonderful resource is fully shared.


Each year the Tauranga Waldorf School hosts the National Waldorf Olympic training Camp and Pageant at Tui Ridge Camp, near Rotorua.   230 students attend from 8 number of schools with 13 homeschoolers included also. The event is a special gift from us to the national movement (Steiner Education Aotearoa New Zealand) and in real terms a huge contribution from our own Fran whose special leadership project it has been since she inherited it in 2013

This year Fran told us she was especially touched to have had a number of members of her Class 5 support her in her hosting and administration duties. Apparently, they lined up and volunteered without instruction in many various roles including welcoming party, ushers, porters and general factotums, and in the process doing our school, their parents and teacher proud.

There are many aspects to this first large camp in the TWS learning journey. There is the group fundraising effort before hand, the huge administrative and organizational effort covered by Fran (and our office staff) the children’s preparation for the event learning about discus, javelin and style running. Then there is the communal living experience while at the camp added to the challenge of needing to meet and work closely with students from all the other Steiner schools in ‘City States’.

And of course, there is the final Olympic Pageant which is full of solemn, hilarious, joyful and moving moments…Marshall Flint throwing off his shoes to run barefoot (of course) in the marathon. Gia and Jamie facing off in the final of the wrestling with Amore nipping at their heels and all sorts of other wins  – official, unofficial, public and not public. For some this is a first time away from parents, for others it is a time where they put themselves out for a physical challenge. For all there is the opportunity to belong to a larger community, to have the opportunity to see themselves in relation to students from other schools of a similar size and nature and according to their totally objective teacher, suffer not one jot in the comparison. On the contrary she reports that the 2018 TWS Class 5 star shone very brightly and for all the reasons we value as a community.


Are you a parent/guardian concerned about how your child uses the internet or mobile phone?

Cybercrime is a very real issue facing families in NZ, but there are easy practical steps to reduce the risk. Tauranga Waldorf School invites you to a presentation on the issues associated with the inappropriate use of computers, mobile phones and the internet.



New Zealand’s leading authority on Safeguarding children online.
John is a published author and signed copies of his book Keeping Your
Children Safe Online will be available during the day and
evening sessions.

Venue: Whare at school
Date: 6th December, 2018
Start Time:  9 am Parents only
(all classes) / 6:30pm parents and students

Topics covered: Online grooming. Sexting. Damaged reputations. Cyber bullying. Reputation management. Learning to repel & report. Future proofing employment.

Educating you people to understand the value of identity is the first step of using ICT safely and ethically. Educating young people to respect and protect friends and family identity is the second step.


If you are keen to enrol for the Te Reo Maori classes please pick up a copy of the enrolment form from reception. We ask you to return completed enrolment forms, along with a proof of identity, to reception by this Friday, 30th November.

A full overview of what is learned in the Te Reo Maori classes can be found here. The course is held on a weeknight for 3 hours and runs during the school term from March – November. It’s a free course, and the only requirements are that there is a minimum of 25 participants.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to see their parents and teachers learning together.

Course details:  Being held at the Tauranga Waldorf School every Tuesday from 3:15pm – 6:15pm (Oscar will be available during this time for children aged 5 years and over. Starting date is TBC (depending on whether we have 25 confirmed participants)



The community Carol evening is happening again on Wednesday the 19th December at 6.30pm, where we can all join in and sing traditional Christmas Carols, in the Whare or Amphitheatre. Bring a picnic and a blanket from 6pm to enjoy the evening. Morning circle outside the cowshed will be singing a few of the songs over the next two weeks to give you the opportunity to practice and find your voices.  Dennis de Monchy 021755521


We are aware that there are peak times when parking is not as convenient as you would wish it, in an ideal world. However, the parking strategies are designed for the safety of all especially children so please stick to the following:

There are yellow carparks along the class 1 and 2 courtyard fence, this is staff parking only as these are not child friendly carparks (you have to exit the car onto a roadway), they also double as emergency service vehicle access so we must know who the car owner is, if it needs to be moved in an emergency.

Please do not park on hatched yellow markings, or indeed any yellow markings, these areas are not parking for safety reasons. There is an Accessible carpark in the Kindergarten Staff carpark, this is not to be used unless you have a Mobility Card.There is another Accessible carpark near Class 3, this also, is not to be used unless you have a Mobility Card.

Parking up the hill beside the containers is fine, and a very useful overflow at peak times.  BUT using the field as a turn-around or a short cut to the Whare is not acceptable at any time.There is no reason for any parents to be driving on the back field at drop off and pick up times, there are many children around at these times and it is not safe. Thank you for your understanding.



For 2019 we are looking for a main carer for our Oscar Programme.

Are you familiar with Waldorf values and like to care for children aged 5 to 13 before and after school? If this sounds like you please come and talk to us, or email your CV to finance@waldorftga.nz.

Opening hours are 7:30am to 9:00am in the morning and 2:45pm to 5:30pm in the afternoon. We are looking for a person available for most shifts.


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