31st October 2018


The Board advises that unless there is an agreed settlement prior, the school will be closed on 13th NOVEMBER 2018, allowing teachers to take part in the rolling strike action in pursuit of their pay and conditions claim. This is the date chosen for the Bay of Plenty Region and somewhat unfortunately falls just after two days after our Fair.The Board  acknowledges that with a Teacher Only day already planned on 12th NOVEMBER 2018, this date provides significant disruption for all parties. We therefore hope for a speedy resolution of these important matters.We are advised that Kindergarten will be open as usual although Te Arakura which is part of the school, will be closed. The Oscar program will be open as usual for the kindergarten children enrolled in the program with usual opening hours 7.30-9am and 3-5.30 pm


  • Wed 31 Oct – Royal Garden Party – 5pm to 6pm TONIGHT
  • Wed 31 Oct – Te Arakura All Hallows Pizza Evening from 5pm to 6pm at the Farm TONIGHT
  • Wed 31 Oct – All Hallows Ceilidh – 6:30pm / Sausage Sizzle starts at 6pm TONIGHT
  • Sun 11 Nov – Annual Fair and Open Day from 10am to 3pm
  • Mon 12 Nov – Teacher Only Day – No School or Kindergarten today
  • Tue 13 Nov – Teachers Strike – No School or Te Arakura today
  • Tue 20 Nov – Kindergarten Parent Evening at 6pm
  • Tue 20 Nov – Class 6 Parent Evening
  • Fri 14 Dec – Class 1 9am Parent Sharing
  • Mon 17 Dec – Classroom Moves – all hands on deck needed this day
  • Mon 17 Dec – Rose Graduation (in the evening)
  • Tue 18 Dec – Shepherd’s Play  – Seperate performances for Kindergarten, School and Parents – Timings TBC
  • Tue 18 Dec – Last Day of Term 4 – School finishes at 1pm and Kindergarten operates as normal
  • Mon 28 Jan – Auckland Anniversary
  • Tue 29 Jan – Teacher Only Day
  • Thu 31 Jan – First Day of 2019 Term 1
  • Wed 6 Feb – Waitangi Day – School Closed


Kindergarten will be closed:  19th December 2018 – 13th January 2019

Rambling Rose will be operating:  14th January 2019 – 25th January 2019 AND 30th January 2019



A shout out to all those parents who took the time to respond to this years annual survey. Below you will find an initial data summary which suggests high levels of satisfaction with the central aspects of our operation – student learning and student wellbeing. The board is also pleased to have received a strong mandate for its strategic development direction. Our next step will be to write a full report with recommendations for improvements based on the feedback which will be publicly available on the website after our next meeting.

Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

School Culture

2018                    2017

95.9% 95.6% believe we are welcoming and receptive to families of diverse cultures.
Student Learning

2018                    2017

89.2% 91.2% believe that the school has high expectations of student achievement
96.0% 95.9% believe that the school provides sufficient learning experiences in the arts
85.2 % 89.1% believe that the school provides sufficient learning experiences in mathematics
97.3 % 95.6% believe that the school provides sufficient music learning experiences.
95.9 % 95.7% believe that the school provides sufficient learning experiences in literacy
81.1 % 76.1% believe that the school provides sufficient technology  learning experiences
86.4 % 84.8% believe that the school provides sufficient EOTC learning experiences
94.5% 95.6% believe that teachers at our school motivate the learning of  their children
97,3% 97.1% experience teachers telling them what the next steps are for their child if asked.
98.3% 97.8 believe they are contributing to the school efforts
Student Wellbeing

2018                    2017

85.1% 89% are satisfied that the school is meeting their child’s emotional needs.
96.0% 95.7% are satisfied that the school is meeting their child’s social needs.
83.8% 97.9% believe the school provides a safe and secure environment for all.
90.6% 91.3% believe that their child is understood by their teacher.

2018                    2017

94.7% 97.9 are satisfied that they are well informed about school activities
93.2 % 95.6 are satisfied with communication about their child’s learning and achievement.
Board of Trustees and Strategic Planning

2018                    2017

81% 78.2 are satisfied with the boards conduct, efforts and oversight of the school
83.8% n/a support the board and college prioritizing te reo, tikanga and taha maori
93.5% n/a support the school prioritizing the development of the outdoor classroom

2018                    2017

87.8 % 95.6% responded that overall they were happy with what is happening at the school
Areas for Further Improvement

2018                    2017

70.2% 67.3% Feel positive about the amount of student te reo learning experience provided
74.4% 67.4% Feel positive about the amount of student tikanga learning experience provided
77% 73.9 % Are aware that Board Minutes are publically available on the website.


Again warm thanks for your contributions.


Special Announcement

The Board, WST and College are very proud to announce the appointment of our principal Mary as the NZ representative to the Hague Circle – the International Waldorf Pedagogical Forum.  This forum is made  up of Waldorf teachers from all over the world who meet each year for multi-day conferences to work on the key  global educational issues affecting Waldorf Schools in different geographic, cultural, economic and political regions of the world.

Members of this circle are considered to be ambassadors of the Waldorf impulse and we feel honoured to have our principal in this role, representing not just NZ but our school in particular.  Mary is supported in this role by STEINER EDUCATION AOTEAROA NZ (SEANZ) (formerly known as the NZ Federation of Steiner/Waldorf Schools)  who will fund her to travel to Dornach next month for her first meeting.  In her absence Michael will hold her current delegations and he will be well supported in the principalship role by Sheryl and other senior teachers.

Travel safe Mary .  We look forward to the undoubted riches this role will bring back to our school.

Peter Flint ( For the Board)


Tauranga Waldorf School – where learning is natural and all things grow…


From the Pledge Office

At time of writing we have received 53 pledge forms representing 87 children.  As you can see Class 1 is currently out in front with Class 4 just behind and narrowly flanked by Te Arakura and Class 2. If you haven’t supplied yours yet please do so urgently.   Or if you are planning for your child not to return in 2019 please do let the office know- after telling the Class teacher as a courtesy of course.  We have waiting lists for all classes and would love to be able to advise some of these people in good time frames. We’d also prefer not to offend or embarrass by chasing up those who have other plans for next year.

Kotahi 3 Summer-rose 4
Spring 4 Autumn 8
Te Arakura 9 Class 1 12
Class 2 9 Class 3 8
Class 4 10 Class 5 8
Class 6 8

For those of you who know there is still a gap between what you have committed to and what you have been able to contribute this year in terms of your donations we are looking for people helping with the following cleaning schedule:

1 person for a few cleaning shifts in Class 4  / 1 person for some shifts caring for the Whare.

Please get in touch with Jessica our cleaning coordinator 022 192 3977  or Marlis on 021588301  if you can assist with this, thank you.

If you have not returned your pledge form yet, please do so urgently and the warmest of thank yous to those who have already done so.



Term 4 Sports

We would just like to remind you that Sports Fees are now due 🙂 Our preferred method of payment is direct debit into the Schools Bank Account: Account Number: 12-3146-0227252-00  /  Account Name: Tauranga Waldorf School  /  Reference: your child’s name and the sport they are playing…like “Flipperball” Charlotte will give your child their uniform once fees are paid so don’t leave it until the last day to pay!

Welcome Bay Lions Raffle Tickets

A huge thank you to everyone who had already sold and returned their raffle tickets! Tickets and money are due back tomorrow, Thursday November 1st. Many thanks!



Looking for Christmas presents? Pre-order body butters at the Friday market $15 each –  this is final week for pre-ordering!!

The C5 fundraising cookbook Homemade and Healthy is finally here!!! You can purchase either via https://homemadeandhealthy.nz/ or this Friday at the market.

Please like us on FB too! $25 per copy cash only at the Friday market! (there will also be a stand at the Fair in the Whare)

Image may contain: text and food


Hello from the C2 fair group!  Thank you to everyone working so hard to make the fair happen this year!


  • Four hours of your time please!  The success of the fair depends on all of us. You can fill in your 4 hours in the roster sheets outside the office or email your fair/parent liaison if you don’t come into the school often.
  • Cake/baking/quiche boxes. Compostable boxes can be picked up outside the office for cakes, baked goods or other food contributions. Details still to come on where to drop these on the morning of the fair.
  • Craft contributions are due now! Thank you to all the wonderful families who have already submitted their craft. Only about half of the fair craft has been handed in, so if you’ve signed up for craft on the contributions list, please drop your craft in the box in the cowshed asap.
  • Good with details?  Can you keep calm during busy times?  Or do you know someone who can? We’re looking for money runners (10-12/12-2) /EFTPOs handlers (10-1) for the fair day. Nominate yourself or a friend by contacting Jane palmer_jane@hotmail.com

Donations and loans needed:

  • Wooden/glass beads and threadable shells – Debbie on debbieturbitt@gmail.com or 021 169 7662)
  • Gazebos – The set up crew can pick them up from your house! – Jane  palmer_jane@hotmail.com 0220681316
  • Outdoor furniture –  The set up crew will pick it up from your house! – Claudia claudia.hellberg@gmail.com or 021 594 029
  • Basket for the silent auctions – Meg 0211186360 or meg_grawburg@hotmail.com
  • Flowers! On the morning of the fair, each family is requested to bring a bunch of flowers. These can be wildflowers or garden flowers or anything pretty and long-lasting. If possible, also bring along a named bucket for flowers.

Help us spread the word so we can share our beautiful event with the larger community.

  • Have you seen the School fair and open day Facebook page? Please like and follow!
  • The latest issue of the Bay Waka is out. Check out the great fair articles and share them with your friends.
  • Print advertising has been distributed to parents. Your eldest child will have received fair fliers with information about the fair.  Please post these generously where you frequent, e.g., supermarket notice boards, community centres, churches, car windows, work, shops, etc.

Thank you to everyone working together to make this legendary event happen!