17th December 2018


This is the very last newsletter of the year and a special one because its purpose is to inform you of teacher placements for 2019.  Please do think carefully about whether you need to discuss these with your child. Younger children, especially anxious ones do not always benefit from information in advance of the fact and you will know your child best and put their interest’s first.

Following are the confirmed placements for 2019.

Class 1:  Ayla Mc Cormick- Burns                   Class 2:            Laura Jahnefelt

Class 3:  Ipa de Beer                                        Class 4:            Jo Skentelbery

Class 5:   John Davidson                                  Class 6:            Taryn Potier

Class 7:  Shirley Bacica

On behalf of the whole community I would like to acknowledge the resignation of Fran Mc Call who will be leaving us after 10 years of outstanding and dedicated service as a class teacher. Fran has been a great colleague and a much-loved and respected mentor and guide to the three classes she has led over those years. She will be missed sorely by all and will be remembered for her enthusiastic and dedicated service to all  the young of our community, not least for her insistence on  hat-wearing and high standards of behaviour and dress code in the playground. It will not be the same without you Fran. xxx

Rose Festival

6pm TONIGHT in the amphitheatre…  (kindergarten parents too )

All welcome, please come to celebrate the Graduation of the Class 7 of 2018.

At this festival the school classes will be fareweling our 21 senior students performing items from the year past, as gifts. As well, the Class 7 leavers will be presenting themselves to their community. So, this is your chance to support them with your presence as well as to see for yourselves, the splendid accomplishments of this outstanding group of young people many of whom have been with us for 10 or more years.

Advent Shepherds Play for all Adults

Tuesday 18 December – 12.30 pm in the Whare

School and Te Arakura will finish at 1 pm.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the 2018 year we all created together as a community and wish you all both a happy and a holy Christmas on behalf of the College of teachers.


While everyone is busy with winding up the school year and preparing for Christmas and the Summer break, we have now finalized the teacher placement for 2019.

Please remember this information is for you. The children will return to their rooms at the beginning of term 1 and take any changes in their stride. They will meet newly enrolled children and of course, they will test the boundaries of the new teacher at some point. Teachers, children and parents will be busy deepening existing relationships and forming new connections.

If you have concerns about the upcoming transition, feel welcome to contact the teachers via email, from January 14th. All teachers are happy to discuss how to best support you.

So, straight to the point:

  • Jan Ioane will be teaching in Kotahi, with the assistance of Siobhan Mc Grath


  • Sam Ogier will return to Spring Rose after spending a term at Te Arakura and she will be co-teaching with Simone Andrews


  • Suzanne Allen will stay in Summer Rose and co-teach with Tina Darlington


  • Donna Mc Leod will stay in Autumn Rose and be co-teaching with Robyn Baker


First of all though, I am hoping you are able to attend the graduation ceremony tonight and the Little Shepherds Boy story tomorrow, 11.45 am. Kindergarten will close for the year at 3pm but you are welcome to take your children at the close of festival if that is more convenient.

Rambling Rose will be operating from Monday 14 Jan – 25 Jan and again on Wednesday 30th with the first term beginning on Thursday 31.

Merry Christmas and a beautiful Summer to you all from the Rose Ring Kindergarten staff!