Board of Trustees 2019

As with all state funded, or integrated schools, Tauranga Waldorf School is governed by an elected body of parent and teacher representatives.  The Board also consists of appointees of our Proprietors, The Waldorf Schools (Bay of Plenty) Trust and the Principal.  The Board meets at least 8 times during a school year, gathering around the board table in the staffroom, to hear and discuss reports from the Principal, the Proprietors and various management groups within the school.  The Board’s responsibilities are clearly defined by the Ministry of Education which also provides excellent training for new members.  For more information regarding the role of the Board of Trustees, visit the Ministry of Education’s website:

Lisa Hickling

Elected Parent Rep and Chair of the Board of Trustees

Lisa joined the school community in 2015 and has two sons, one in class 6 and one in class 2. She has a background in strategy, evaluation and performance measurement.

Mel Auld

Co-opted Member

Mel has been part of the Tauranga Waldorf community since her son joined in 2012. Her two children are now in classes 1 and 4. Mel has a background in marketing and communications and was co-opted onto the Board in late 2018.

Clayton Bunning

Elected Parent Rep

Clayton is the father of two boys, both of which have attended Tauranga Waldorf School. Clayton’s family have been part of the Waldorf Community since his eldest son started play group just over 12 years ago.

Peter Flint

Elected Parent Rep

Peter acted as Chairman of the Board from 2014-2018. Peter’s two eldest children have been through the school and he has one child remaining at the school in class 6.

Nathan Smith

Elected Parent Rep

Nathan joined the Board of Trustees as a co-opted member in 2014 and returned as an elected parent rep in 2016. Nathan has three children in the school in Classes 1, 4 and 6.

Olaf van der Beek

Elected Parent Rep

Olaf has two children at Tauranga Waldorf School. A son in class 6 and a daughter in class 5.
Olaf’s background includes teaching in secondary schools and lecturing in tertiary institutes including the local Polytech and Waikato University.

Michael Rall

Staff Rep

Michael has been involved with the school since 2015 and has six children. He was previously a teacher in primary, intermediate and secondary schools. 


Mary Tait-Jamieson


Mary came to Tauranga Waldorf School from Waikato Waldorf School where she was a founding parent and teacher. Mary joined Tauranga Waldorf School in 2006 as a Class teacher and Deputy Principal, becoming Principal in 2008.

Louise Gawn

Proprietor’s Rep

Louise is the Operations Manager for the Waldorf Schools (BOP) Trust.
All three of her children attended Tauranga Waldorf School from Kindergarten to Class 7. Louise has been employed by the Trust since 2008 although her association with the school goes back to 1988 when her first child enrolled in the kindergarten. Louise’s depth of knowledge is varied and deep and she plays an enormous role in organising and setting up school festivals, plays and the annual school fair and open day.

Stephen Lane

Proprietor’s Rep

Stephen started as a parent within the school in 1995, graduating onto the inaugural Board of Trustees and becoming the Chairperson. Stephen then joined the Waldorf Schools Trust (the Proprietor). Stephen truly believes in the value of Waldorf Education and supporting the continual delivery of this Art of Teaching to the environment and community.