Board of Trustees 2021

As with all state funded, or integrated schools, Tauranga Waldorf School is governed by an elected body of parent and teacher representatives.  

The Board also consists of appointees of our Proprietors, The Waldorf Schools (Bay of Plenty) Trust and the Principal.  The Board meets at least 8 times during a school year, gathering around the board table in the staffroom, to hear and discuss reports from the Principal, the Proprietors and various management groups within the school.  

The Board’s responsibilities are clearly defined by the Ministry of Education which also provides excellent training for new members.

For more information regarding the role of the Board of Trustees, visit the Ministry of Education’s website:

Lisa Hickling

Elected Parent Rep and Chair of the Board of Trustees

My name is Lisa. We have one son at our school, Arlo in Class 4 and feel very grateful he is able to experience a Waldorf education in our amazing school, grounds and environment.

I have had the privilege to serve on the Tauranga Waldorf School BoT as a parent representative for the last five years – the last few years as Chair. By serving on the Board I feel fortunate to have been able to continue my own Waldorf journey and have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about how our school (and state integrated schools in general) works and Waldorf education, while contributing the governance skills I bring.

Trained as a Community Psychologist, my working life (through BayTrust – a local philanthropic Community Trust and my own business) involves providing consulting services, advice and support to organisations with strategic development, evaluation and performance measurement practices.

Over the last 30 years, I have worked in the not-for-profit, private and government sectors, from grass-roots, to international and EU level where I also gained experience in strategic planning, internal auditing and quality management. In an unpaid capacity I have supported various organisations over the years including Lifeline, Rape Crisis, Women’s Refuge and Literacy Aotearoa in both hands-on and governance roles. I strongly believe that “walking the talk” and having a sense of humour is the best approach to life, in both work and play.

I fully support the school in its provision of quality education and achieving the best outcomes for all our children and welcome the opportunity to continue contributing to the work of the Board of Trustees.

In my spare time I love science fiction books and movies, vege gardening, high intensity exercise and have an inexplicable penchant for pantomimes!

Mel Auld

Elected Parent Rep

My husband, Bran, and I have been part of the Tauranga Waldorf community since 2012, and our two sons are now in Class 3 and 6.  I have a background in marketing and communications and was co-opted onto the Board in late 2018.

I put myself forward as a parent representative because I want to continue to learn about and contribute to a community that is developing free-willed, creative, smart, compassionate and resilient young people – an education that I see as quite unique, very special and deserving of my time as a parent and community member.

Eddie Wall

Elected Parent Rep

I’m Eddie Wall and I’ve been a parent in the school community for the last 6 and a half years.   Before that we were already connected to the Waldorf movement in that my eldest who is now at college and attended Laurel Farm Steiner Kindergarten in the United Kingdom and I was involved with the Acorn Steiner School where I taught a Physics main lesson to the upper school and took part in outdoor education with senior students.  This included adventure camps, teaching sailing, skiing trips and driving a mini bus on their 3 week Europe, 3 times.

My youngest is now in Class 5 so I feel I’ve got a reasonable experience of the Tauranga Waldorf Learning Journey under my belt over the last years.  I’ve sung in the Kings Play, been a parent help on several camps- most recently to Waikaremoana, supplied bike racks, and have supported some of the fit out in the Outdoor classroom.

I’m happy to be a parent representative on the Tauranga Waldorf School board of Trustees to help to continue to provide strong governance of a school, that I, my wife and my children all really value and love. 

Sarah Lockwood

Elected Parent Rep

Kia ora koutou,

My husband Simon and I have three sons, Wilson (C1), Ned (kindergarten) and Franklin. We feel very grateful that our children receive a Waldorf education from such wonderful teaching staff, within an incredible setting.

I work as a tertiary lecturer and researcher, and through my private practice, I provide research and consulting services to organisations and businesses in areas of organisational communication, community engagement, and crisis response. My PhD research explored volunteerism during crisis events, and this area is something that I continue to invest in with research and advisory services. Prior to working in academia, I managed non-profit organisations with a particular focus on funding procurement and stakeholder retention.

I continue to be inspired by the kaupapa of our school and the amazing people that work within it and feel privileged to be able invest my time and abilities for our children and the wider community by serving on the board of trustees.

‘Ko te tamaiti te pūtake o te kaupapa’-The child – the heart of the matter.

Olaf van der Beek

Elected Parent Rep

The last 3 years on the Board of Trustees has been a chance to contribute to our school. I would like to continue that through being re-elected.My background is strong in the education field, and this brings among other things a strong desire to support our teachers.

To protect / improve their teaching  life (as required) in our school.I am a registered secondary teacher, and have had appointments with a number of secondary schools, Waikato university and the local polytechnic, Toi Ohomai. 

My work life includes:  A business where I give guidance and support in personal development.I also enjoy physical, creative  work outside. Consequently I also have a landscaping business.My Wife Rika and I have 2 children, one at college and one at our school.They have both come from Nursery through to, Femma in class 7 now. As a family we enjoy our local beach, Biking in the redwoods and travel experiences.

Nathan Smith

Elected Parent Rep

Nathan’s three children have attended this school and he is a barrister with 22 years’ experience specialising in legal disputes.

Prior to commencing his own practice as a barrister in 2010, Nathan had practised for more than 10 years at three leading national and provincial law firms.

He provides practical and economically sound legal advice, which is of huge benefit to the board.

Michael Rall

Staff Rep

I am currently the school’s staff representative and would like to continue to serve my colleagues in this capacity.

I am part of Senior management and believe I can make a valuable contribution to the BOT in their decisions making process.

I deliver regular reports to the BOT and it is useful for me to speak to these at Board meetings and clarify any uncertainties.



Mary Tait-Jamieson


I came to Tauranga Waldorf School from Waikato Waldorf School where I was a founding parent and teacher. I joined Tauranga Waldorf School in 2006 as a Class teacher and Deputy Principal, becoming Principal in 2008.

Louise Gawn

Proprietor’s Rep

Louise is the Proprietors Representative for the Waldorf Schools (BOP) Trust.
All three of her children attended Tauranga Waldorf School from Kindergarten to Class 7. Louise has been employed by the Trust since 2008 although her association with the school goes back to 1988 when her first child enrolled in the kindergarten. Louise’s depth of knowledge is varied and deep and she plays an enormous role in organising and setting up school festivals, plays and the annual school fair and open day.

Stephen Lane

Proprietor’s Rep

Stephen started as a parent within the school in 1995, graduating onto the inaugural Board of Trustees and becoming the Chairperson. Stephen then joined the Waldorf Schools Trust (the Proprietor). Stephen truly believes in the value of Waldorf Education and supporting the continual delivery of this Art of Teaching to the environment and community.