Kia ora katoa

At the mid-point of each year, the Board reviews its annual plan, monitoring progress and evaluating whether what was originally proposed for the year’s direction remains relevant and whether budget adjustments need to be made to achieve our goals.

The status report that we received at our last meeting described all the various initiatives that have been put in place to achieve the goals and of significant interest was the results of the 2021 Mid-Year Student Achievement report. You can find the full report on the school website here.

2021 Mid-Year 2021 – Student Progress Report

In the meantime, a question that parents and especially new parents sometimes have is how do Waldorf students compare to children in mainstream schools when they start later and learn in alternative ways.

The Board is always interested to receive student achievement information and noted that again at the mid-point of 2021, the results for all senior classes (who undertake standardized testing) is above the national mean for these same tests.( See chart below)

Given that we have a pattern of further increases in achievement by the end of each year, it is cheering to once again see that we on track for fine results for our students and that the Board’s value – Learning in time and over time – continues to serve our tamariki well.

Comparison of Summative Assessment Results against National Mean


Nga manaakitanga

Lisa Hickling

on behalf of the Board of Trustees