Kia ora katoa

This month the BOT have been busy catching up on the many recent changes to the Education and Training Act 2002 and the implications of these for the school and BOT. In other news from our last meeting we are very pleased to report the solar panels recently installed on the roof of C4 and C5 are beginning to reap returns which is good for the bottom line and for the environment – it’ll be even better in summer! We were also heartened to hear of the great uptake of the staff wellbeing programme by staff and that this is proving beneficial and valuable to staff.

We have also spent some time ruminating on the latest letter of complaint from our neighbours on the use of our shared driveway. Everyone knows that disputes with neighbours are to be avoided if possible and resolved speedily if not.

Specifically our neighbours are concerned about:

  • Cars parking between the school blackboard and main road entrance (left hand side exiting the school) and people gathering there.
  • They are also not happy about our the use of cones in the first part of the driveway – and we have to agree these are an eyesore
  • Cars stopping on their side of the right of way and some blocking of the entrance to their property Rangataua Heights F (this driveway is off to the left opposite Class 3).


The WST has been engaging with the neighbours to remedy their issues but in the meantime as a Board we would like to please remind drivers to not park inside the yellow lines between the big blackboard and the main road (left hand side of the driveway), to make sure the entrance to the private road is not blocked at any time and to use the car park at the top of the hill for any meet-ups.

It is probable that the land to the left of the driveway (below the neighbours) will be developed for more housing in the future so the way the shared access is managed will become more and more important.

We really appreciate your cooperation as we continue to work with the neighbours on these issues and from our perspective given the amount of cars that drive through, the system is working well for the vast majority of the time. We thank you again for your continued patience and consideration of others.


Lisa Hickling


on behalf of the Board of Trustees