In Term 3 as the spring flowers start to come out, our attention turns to the Michael Spring Festival. In the last weeks of term, the classes begin to rehearse their part of the Michael story and then begin to weave together the different strands that make up the festival as a whole. The Michael story is one of knowing when to ask for help and then having the courage to take action to restore a balance that may have been lost for a time.

Below is some planning that goes towards making the festival happen.

Each class has a different colour to wear:

  • Class 1 in dark red and/or brown colours for the gnomes
  • Class 2 in yellow and/or orange colours for the meteors
  • Class 3 in own smart festive clothes
  • Class 4 in own smart festive clothes
  • Class 5 in white shirts and dark long bottoms for the music
  • Class 6 in white shirts and dark bottoms for the mill
  • Class 7 in white for the angels.

Each family will need to bring a blanket to sit upon during the festival, and for the picnic afterwards. Bring your own picnic to share or patronise the Class 4 & 5 food stalls and Market. Class 5 is supplying its usual and Class 4 is supplying citrus cakes to kick off their fundraising or some other goodies.

This festival is for school children only, the kindergarten does its own festival earlier This makes things easier for parents to attend the school festival without younger children and needing to arrange care for kindergarten siblings who will remain in kindergarten after their Festival.

The time frame is as follows:

Each class assembles in the amphitheatre at 11.45am, with the festival due to begin at 12noon. The festival begins and will run for around 30-40 minutes. The children return to their classes, while parents and Class 7 remain for a verse. Once classes are released at 1pm, families can reconnect and have a picnic or go home to begin the holidays.

God and Covid willing, we look forward to seeing you on Friday 1st of October at 11.45am, and we hope that the spring weather is settled for us to have a glorious Michael Spring Festival – see you then.


Louise Gawn

on behalf of Festival Group