We are streamlining our systems and are in the process of trailing an APP assisting with any unclear absences. Most absences are sent in through the School App and while speaking about absence notifications, I would like to say a big Thank you! to everyone that sends their child’s absence through early in the morning.

This new  internal APP is connected to our student management system and your response is directed there. By responding quickly you help us making sure everyone’s whereabouts are recorded correctly.

As with all new systems it takes a bit of time for everyone to familiarise and I am very grateful for your patience while we sort the last few issues out.


Oscar Programme

Jeanette has resigned from her role as our program co-ordinator and we thank her very much for many years of looking after our tamariki before- and after school. Her plan is  to re-join the Oscar team as a casual carer later on so it might be only a temporary good-bye and we are looking forward to say Hello again in the future.

Alexandra has stepped up into the role of co-ordinator. She has managed bigger centres in the past and the children are in good hands. Most of you will already have met her as she has joined the team some time ago.

Please continue to make your bookings or any changes needed to existing bookings via email to oscar@waldorftga.nz