Every year the Founders of our school are invited, along with members of our two governance boards, our teachers, staff and all our parents to our beautiful school to hear a summary of all the events of the previous year. That meeting happened last Sunday and we thought it would be good to share with you some of the major points those visionary founders heard.

The founders of our school laid the foundations of all the children enjoy here today, but as a parent community you are providing the next layer through your donations of money and deeds. In the same way as the funds that we all put in today will provide for the future of new generations of children whose parents choose the magic of Waldorf education for their little ones.


In short form. In 2020 the Waldorf Schools Trust funded the following.

  • Listening program for children providing and maintaining equipment and employment of two practitioners
  • Supply of Special Character resources
  • Our Plays and our Festivals
  • Supporting staff attending professional development courses
  • Supporting teaching staff and children by employing Teacher Aides
  • Upgrading teaching spaces:
    • Spring Rose Kindergarten renovation was finalised during 2020
    • A new waterline was taken to the farm and gardens – one of those ‘invisible’ upgrades that make the school day and work at the farm much easier with that new waterline finally water has arrived at Class 7! A small hot water cylinder installed as well as a drinking water tap
    • A covered porch has been added to the back of Class 3 giving that small classroom much needed break out space
  • The cabins and the deck in between have been further developed and will receive a roof over the deck as well as being used to develop the pick-up area for the school on the backside of the buildings
  • The Amphitheatre project has been divided into two parts and we are currently investigating funding sources for the first phase
  • A new carpark area has been created further up to free up the spaces needed for the drive through at pick up and drop off times
    Planning has started to have as above mentioned, a designated, covered pick up/ drop off area for the school at the back of the cabins
    Planning for a covered and fenced area for the kindergarten children has also started and some work has been done already. We are now awaiting the building consent to proceed for both pick up areas
  • Bigger hand basins have been installed where space permitted (Class one, class two and Summer Rose) to allow more children to wash their hands at the same time, bigger hot water cylinders have been installed at the same time
  • The Crafty Pukeko Community shop has opened the doors in February in a new location -in the building previously known as the Sport Shed.. A website exclusively for the community has been built and is ready to launch in term 2 to allow easy access even without coming onsite.


In addition to the funds donated in 2020 the Waldorf Schools Trust also received 1787 hours of deeds from our parent community. Although the number of people choosing to offer ‘hours’ seem to dwindle each year, these helping hands kept our classrooms and offices tidy and clean, made bedding for the children in the kindergarten and supported teachers in the school and kindergartens. Our children were offered homework club and Toe by Toe learning support. Other volunteers assisted with tasks on the Farm, played the piano, organised sports teams, ran our Community shop or took the most amazing photos of our tamariki and events such as plays and festivals – to name what comes to mind. We do know too, that many more deeds were given freely, not recorded and we never hear about them. We thank those people too.

The following graphs show the contributions in total towards the recommended pledge and last year.



2019 as a comparison



Marlis Resenterra