22nd August 2018


  • Wed 5th Sept Kindergarten Information afternoon 3.15pm
  • Fri 28 Sept
    Last Day of Term and Michael Spring Festival details to follow.  Early finish for school 1pm
  • Mon 15 Oct – First Day of Term 4
  • Mon 22 Oct – Labour Day No school or Kindergarten today
  • Tues 23 Oct – Teacher only Day – No School for school children only
  • Wed 31 Oct – All Hallows Ceilidh
  • Sun 11 Nov – Annual Fair and Open Day
  • Mon 12 Nov – Teacher only day – No School or Kindergarten today


Class 3 completed the Annual Recycling Audit of our rubbish on Monday. This is undertaken in partnership with Sue of the Tauranga City Council and everything in the recycling bins and red skip was sorted.

As from previous years, we topped the ‘Best School’ List for our efforts, some of our results being 1.5kg of non-recyclable plastic and 1.3kg of soft plastics needing to go to landfill.

Going forward we noted that there is still a lot of rubbish in the incorrect bin, with the red skip having paper that could have the second side used again, paper towels and paper cups that should have been in the compost bin for example. Unexpectedly we had half a dozen plastic nappies that were in the skip – Anne commented that we hadn’t seen those in our rubbish for years and it would be nice that they were either taken home or reusable nappies considered.

Sue commented that a plastic bag can take up to 800 years to decompose in the sealed landfill, with a million plastic nappies being dumped everyday in NZ. She also told us that 18 large trucks with trailers carry rubbish into the Waikato rubbish from Tauranga every day so as a class we are feeling inspired to help everyone do our bit on this.  We’d love you to help us too!

Jo and Class 3

From the farm…

About our Animals.  Currently we have the following animals that call our farm home:

  • Mother pig and 7 piglets (Piglets for sale $100each)
  • Large Boar and Large Sow (Piglets due mid October)
  • 10 Free Range chickens.  (Eggs for sale down near the office)
  • 4 male steer calves.

Each week classes visit the farm, feed the animals and work in the vegetable gardens or other projects, experiencing the seasons and the laws of nature including death.

One of our piglets died at birth and Class one very reverently helped me to bury it,  offering a song and leaving flowers on the grave as a send-off.  Our kunekune mother pig is so good-natured and happy for the children to feed and pat her 7 piglets, 6 of which are for sale.  They are very cute and friendly with exceptionally good genetics.  Their mother is kunekune -a breed that makes great pets. Father pig is a large saddle back which offers excellent meat.

Anne and Peter at the farm

Keeping you updated with the play season…

Class 3 recently performed their Play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.  The two performances were enjoyed by staff, children and parents enormously and you could hear the hum of the many catchy songs around the school for days after.  Well done Class 3, Jo and Louise for a fantastic performance, we know you all worked incredibly hard to give us such a great production. It was a real treat!


From the Care team…

Student attendance sits right alongside effective teaching as having the greatest influence on student engagement and achievement.  This is because it affects not just individual students but whole classes – as well as individual teachers.

Attendance in NZ schools is compulsory. Non attendance for any reason other than illness, funerals/tangi or family crises is illegal.  Such absences are required to be recorded as ‘ unjustified’ and are overseen and collated via our student management system by the Ministry of Education.

Of far greater importance to your children’s teachers though is the stretching of the partnership they have with families,  when despite the fact that the year’s term dates are available from the beginning of each year we still have large numbers of families who choose to take an “in-term” “holiday or even holidays”, especially during the peak of the ski season. As well as reaching alarming high numbers, which is currently of great concern to the BOT and school as regards student engagement and therefore learning, our teachers are feeling dispirited and discouraged.

Extended absenteeism seriously affects the wellbeing of individuals as well as whole classes.   It impacts negatively on learning too because pace and effectiveness of lesson content planned to meet the needs of whole classes is interrupted.  Rather than address unjustified absences by imposing ‘the law’ we’d like to call upon your consideration and goodwill. Please take the time to think this through, thoroughly.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Michael Rall

Alumni Corner…

New Parents often wonder if the focus on arts that is key in Wladorf education prevents our graduates readily succeeding in the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics. Here’s one of our alumni and his recent doings.  Dominik Mayfield was a student at Tauranga Waldorf School between 2008-2015.  Well done Dominik we are incredibly proud of you.!

  • Department of Conservation Science Award
  • BOP Regional Council Environmental Award
  • 2nd Place Senior Secondary Technology

From the Office

Just a few reminders this week.

Firstly apologies that Class 5 will not be holding their weekly sausage sizzle this week.  They are currently hard at work getting ready for their class play performance on Friday and so there is just no time for cooking sausages! Sorry!  So please remember to bring a packed lunch for your child to school.  Class 5 will however continuing their fundraising at the Market on Friday selling body butters $15, hoodies, re-useable shopping bags and other goodies.  Please stop by to say hi if you are at the Friday Market.  They thank you for your ongoing support in their fundraising.

Secondly, Tauranga Foodbank are gearing up for their annual appeal.  You have always donated so warmly and generously in the past so we are hopeful that you will be able to do so again this year.

Final Word from the Office

Our community has been poignantly reminded of the ebbs and flows that makes up the circle of life in this last fortnight. We’ve had babies born, one a little early, (but doing just fine)  people dealing with health issues, big and small,  the sad news of a former alumni student’s death, and only yesterday the sudden news of Suzanne’s beloved husband, Barry passing away.  Whilst we continually reference that Suzanne has worked here for a hundred years, similarly her husband was committed to our community, being an original member of our first ever Board  of Trustees, a regular around these parts generally and a stalwart organiser of the annual hangi in years past.  We share all this news to ask you to hold everyone in our community who is need of love and support whether their journey is a new blessing or a sad farewell and for those seeking sense of their loss, to know that we are all connected in our own circle of sorrows and joys of peace and hope. Blessings to all.

We have already been inundated with messages of support and sympathy for Suzanne, thank you!  At times like these it is difficult to know exactly what to do but it has been decided to leave a card and basket in The Cowshed if you feel like you would like to leave a message of support for her.  Thank you!

From The OSCAR Program

We are delighted for Maria, our Oscar manager who has recently won a management position overseeing THREE Oscar programs.  Sadly the much larger job takes her away from us and we will miss her cheery smile and excellent baking!   Most especially, the children.   We  wish her every good wish for the future and she wants us to assure you that all is in hand and the Before School and After School Program will continue as normal.


Hello from the Class Two Fair Committee!  We have lots of news for you this week:


Contributions lists will be up outside your children’s classrooms this week (or asap).  Please sign up in the class of your eldest child. If you have any questions, please ask your class fair/parent liaison. For those parents that do not get to kindy/school much, your fair/parent liaisons will email you a copy so you can reply with your contribution.


The roster sheets for the 2018 Tauranga Waldorf School Fair are already being filled by the parents, grandparents and other relatives and close friends of our community. Thank you very much for those who already signed up! For clarity, some of the internal stalls’ roster sheets are being managed by the stall coordinator directly and are not displayed alongside the others (like Catch the Rat), but they will in future. Please refer to the list of stalls displayed outside reception to check the stalls for this year. Please allow 4 work hours on the fair day or set up on Saturday, per family.


Thanks to Nicole Coombe who took over Pirate Ship, now we only need 3 more coordinators to take over the following stalls:

Lunch Café Salad bar. Very popular and busy stall, lots of fun too!
Vintage Tea High tea at the cowshed. Very popular too, close to entertainment.
Bike Smoothie Blend ingredients using power of legs. Very popular specially with older children.

We really need your help otherwise the stalls will just not happen. If you feel like coordinating one of them, please contact Mariana on mariana.zuquim@gmail.com or 0211519487.

For Bike Smoothie, the preparation of the smoothie concentrate is already done and frozen the hard work is done. Someone would just need to set up and run the stall.


Thursday mornings in the cowshed from 9-11am. You are warmly welcomed to come along and help us make beautiful crafts for this year’s school Fair. There will be a range of craft projects on the go, so there will be something to suit everyone. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and learn a new skill, all while enjoying a nice hot cup of tea. We would really love to see you there!


  1. Craft group would love some PLAIN WHITE OR PASTEL SHEETS to dye for the craft display table and to make fabric bags.
  2. FABRIC SCRAPS to decorate the lids of the marmalades and other produces. We need to make at least 50 squares (around 10 cm x 10cm each) so please no fine strips.
  3. Woollen Fleece, Yarn (wool or cotton), Woollen Felt, Walnut Shells, Acorn Caps, Coloured Ribbon, Glass Beads, Leather (for Mouse tails) Cotton Fabric and shells.


A huge thanks to all that joined us in the Cowshed last Saturday to make some tasty marmalade to sell at the Fair.  Much fun was had and a delicious batch of preserves are now ready to sell.   We will keep you updated with regard to any more workshops we will hold in future to make other items for sale.  Thank you for your support.

Thank you so much lovely community!