Wednesday Window

8th August 2018


  • Thurs 9 Aug
    Parent Evening for children turning 7 in 2019. In Class 1, 7.00pm-8.30pm
  • Fri 10 Aug
    Class 3 Play 11.30am & 2.15pm Prompt arrival is helpful!
  • Tues 14 Aug
    Kindergarten Parent Evening 6.00-7.30pm
  • Wed 15 Aug
    Kindergarten Information Afternoon 3.15pm
  • Fri 28 Sept
    Last Day of Term and Michael Spring Festival details to follow


I have to admit that the new Prime Minister was one of the attractions for me in returning to New Zealand. Where else in the world have you heard a PM say that we want to have a government based on compassion? And focusing on children in need?

So, arriving in Tauranga; Class Four and handwork. I looked at all the curriculum for the year. Knitting for handwork. Shirley and I have done a swap for handwork. I can knit but on Wednesdays I teach art to Class Six and Shirley comes in to Class Four and teaches them knitting. She is a way better knitter than I am!

At the start of the year I thought a square would be a good project to knit, to see where everybody was. On hearing that the Prime Minister was to have a baby it seemed logical to have a baby blanket as a target to aim for.

We made needles out of dowelling, sanding the ends so they were pointed with a rounded end and so smooth as not to catch on any fibres. We made little ends for each needle out of coloured dough, baked them, glued them on and then off we went.

Not long after we started I heard that many people had had the same idea and that Jacinda had decided to set up a charity at Middlemore Hospital to give out the blankets to mums and babes. Very sensible idea I thought. We knitted on and when the baby Neve was born decided we had enough squares and that it was time to send it off. Flavia volunteered to crochet all the squares together, the children all made cards for the PM, Clarke and the new baby, and we took it down to the school office to put it in the post. Cathy took a photo of the finished blanket (as seen in the last Wednesday Window), and packaged it up to send off. She decided to send it to the PM’s electoral office in Auckland, rather than to Wellington.

With delight we received a letter from the Prime Minister’s office (see attached) with her signature but also a little hand-written comment at the side. I shared that with the class today.

It was with more than delight that on Thursday night we got a message from Cathy with her photo of the blanket and … AND a photo of the first family … Jacinda, and Clarke and baby Neve, with Neve wrapped cosily in a blanket that looked very familiar.

We are delighted, absolutely delighted, and honoured that our blanket has made this journey. We hope it gives good service and keeps Neve cosy and warm. Thank you to all the Class Four knitters, to Shirley, to Flavia, and to Cathy. We have seen the photo on the front page of the NZ Herald, the Christchurch Press, the UK Guardian, and the BBC news. A vast destination from such a humble beginning.

Nga Mihi,
John (Class 4)

Kia Ora from The Board of Trustees

Dear Parents and Caregivers of Tauranga Waldorf School,

As you are no doubt aware the NZEI union have proposed industrial action on the 15th of August.  As a board we support the legal right of our teachers to take this action to help ensure that their concerns and challenges, that we acknowledge, are valid and listened to.  We also understand the fiscal challenges that are on the other side of the table and encourage both sides to work constructively and in good faith to come to a fair and reasonable position as soon as possible that negates the need for the proposed strike action to continue. As nearly all of our teaching staff are part of the union, the Board has made the decision to officially close the school on the Wednesday 15th August 2018.    As the school will be closed, please ensure your children have alternative plans in place for that day.

We acknowledge the inconvenience that this may cause parents and caregivers, if you have any concerns please direct any queries to myself via the office rather than the Principal or Teachers.

Nga Mihi,

Peter Flint – Chair Board of Trustees

Kia Ora from The Pledge Office

Pledge Office-Update

Pledge Forms

The number of outstanding 2018 pledge forms has decreased from 18 to 12 and an issue uncovered in that process, is that not everyone is clear why submitting pledge forms is so vital. In brief, pledge forms are the only tool we have, to plan what the Trust will be able to provide for the children in any year. As we found out recently, they are also the only way we can learn of agreements you may have made with others, for example former partners, grandparents or even family trusts who we may need to communicate with.

Cleaning Contract

With the numbers of people willing or able to clean declining, we’ve been considering extending our cleaning contracts. The expense of this would require cuts in the programs delivered to children though so, a less drastic first option has been to trial a changed approach, keeping the deed donation avenue open, and using much smaller projects.

We’ve been very encouraged by the increased number of people agreeing to take up cleaning just one classroom now, and especially thrilled with a group of senior students who’ve committed to this on a Friday afternoon either with their parents or in pairs. Cutting down the amount of work involved and putting it on a Friday, has meant that more people have agreed to support both our teachers and children by donating just a couple of hours a term.

Other Deeds

Our outdoor classroom, a signature program for our school has also had new offers of deed donations in the last weeks, in response to our requests. Our gardens and farm provide an amazing learning environment for our children, but this is very clearly an ‘extra’ and an expensive one at that, so these donations are hugely appreciated.

An offer to sew 30 new Greek costumes for the Class 5 Olympic Pageant is another gift we’re also happily looking forward to. Our old calico costumes with faded and redone crayon markings have become something of an embarrassment, a number being more than 12 years old. We look forward to sending groomed Greek athletes to the 2018 Olympic Training Camp.

Lastly, we’ve had an agreement to provide a second daily phonics program as a pledge gift for 10 more children with learning support needs. This will be kicking off this week.

Making Contact

While it’s a sign of our maturing as a community that we are starting to have more open conversations about the joys and challenges of funding our school via gifting, there is no doubt it is much easier, if parents initiate the contact when their situation changes (either positively or negatively). When you make the call or email us, our special character partnership feels very real and alive. Of course, reasonably speaking you may not be aware of some of the projects that you could also enjoy contributing to, so please do take our contacting you, in the spirit in which it is offered.

Our aim is as always to provide, alongside you, and with you, the very best we can for every child of our community through a system that has soul and spirit at its core.

Me mahi tahi tātou mō te oranga o te katoa.
We all work together for the wellbeing of everyone.

Kia Ora from The Kindergarten

Parents of children turning 7 in 2019 are welcome to join a parent meeting in Class 1 on Thursday 9th August 7-8.30pm

Any questions contact

A reminder also about the Simplicity Parenting Series commencing on 30th August for 5 weeks. Please contact Catherine Storey for more information 021 889 839.

The series is highly recommended and compliments Waldorf Education.

Kia Ora from the Office

A few reminders…

Firstly, absences please do be sure to make contact with the office before 9am with your child’s absence, it is really appreciated and helps speed the attendance procedure up each morning. If you are planning to take a child out of school for any reason please come and get a form from the office to complete and arrange to see your class teacher and Michael Rall. This applies to school children and children that have turned 6 in the Kindergarten. Many thanks.

Parking – please keep in mind that there are plenty of parking spaces within the school but you might need to drive further up to the path to find them. Please avoid parking on our neighbour’s grass verge even if it is tempting because you are running late and will only be 5 minutes! You will be asked to move as this has caused difficulties for our neighbour in the past and we would like to avoid such issues in the future and more importantly parking here is compromising our tamariki’s safety.  It is not a safe place to park and we do not want children having to cross the busy driveway.   Thank you for your assistance with this.

Lost Property is starting to grow again, come on folks, get your child’s possessions/clothing labelled and we can get it back to you if it becomes lost.

Class 5 Sausage sizzle on Friday, please remember to bring gold coins if your child wishes to buy lunch. Sausages $2 (vege option available), warm spiced apple juice $2 (sorry there was a typo in the price last week) Cake $1 and Pumpkin Soup $2. Class 5 also look forward to seeing you at the market on Friday where they are selling lots of items to help with their fundraising. Please see order form at the end of this newsletter for Thank you for your support.

Kia Ora from Class 2 Fair Group


The roster sheets for the 2018 Tauranga Waldorf School Fair are ready to be filled by the parents, grandparents, other family members, and close friends of our community. The full list of the stalls and the roster sheets can be found outside Cathy’s office. Some of the roster sheets are being managed by the stall coordinator directly so are not displayed alongside the others. Please allow 4 work hours on the fair day or set up Saturday / pack up Sunday, per family. Set up / pack up roster sheet is also displayed outside Cathy’s office alongside the internal stalls sheets. The sheets are organised alphabetically.


Thanks to all the 2017 stalls coordinators who agreed to take over again this year, and the brave people that took over stalls coordination for the first time. We only need 3 more coordinators to take over the following stalls:

Salad bar. Very popular and busy stall. Lots of fun too!

High tea at the cowshed. Very popular too, close to entertainment.

Blend ingredients using the power of legs. Very popular, especially with older children.

If you feel like coordinating one of them, please contact Mariana on or 0211519487.


Jane Powell, who looks after the plants and produce Fair stall, is facilitating a free preserve making workshop for the Waldorf families this Saturday 11 August from 9:30am-12:30pm at the Cowshed. It’s a great way to get your preserve contribution to the school fair ticked and spend a great morning learning how to make those yummy pantry foods in a hands on workshop. Limited spaces available. Please contact Mariana on or 0211519487 to secure your spot.