Last week we sent out the termly overviews for the pledge contributions via email, however a technical error caused a number of issues. The first is that everyone received the same overview, the second is that the overview that everyone got had transposed itself and was also actually incorrect.

Once the error was identified we subsequently took the following steps:

  • Sent out an APP alert to the whole community informing them that the email they received was incorrect and to please disregard it
  • Contacted Cash Manager, our supplier for the accounting package we use
  • Informed the privacy commissioner about the breach of privacy
  • Apologised to the person who’s incorrect data was shared

We understand this has been very stressful and disappointing for the person whose name was on the overview. We are truly sorry that this happened and all necessary steps have been taken to ensure the error in the program has now been fixed. Correct overviews have since been sent out.

We did receive many emails from others concerned that their data might have been shared with others. Please be advised and assured this was not the case.

Thank you to everyone that has contacted us about the issue or about their pledge. We are so grateful for the goodwill received from many while dealing with this.


Ngā mihi nui