Has your child taken part in a festival this year? Or perhaps benefitted from the listening program, extra lesson or did they take part in a class play? Did your child spend any time at the farm?

Our proprietor the Waldorf Schools (Bay of Plenty) Trust shorthand for the WST, provides the funds for all these extra activities that we have come to see as normal. All the land and buildings are also maintained by the WST and they fund The Crafty Pukeko selling goodies at very reasonable prices too.

And all of that is only possible thanks to your annual commitment to support the WST with deeds and pledges. In the first half of this year I have noted numerous families not contributing at the recommended level, which makes it very difficult for the WST to maintain all these services.

It is important for you to know that there is a direct corelation between what is donated and what the children can receive and that money is not the only way to give and do your share. We will be sending out the termly overview towards the end of the term break for you to see where you are at and to consider if you are able to meet the recommendation. If your circumstances don’t allow for this right now, please do get in touch to find a solution together because the other part of your special character commitment is to communicate when things change for you.

You can email pledges@waldorftga.nz or call me to arrange to meet.

Ngā mihi nui