Kia ora Kindergarten Whanau,

As I am writing this newsletter contribution, we haven’t received confirmation of the government’s next steps in Covid19 management.

As soon as this information is released and we have received advise from MoE what that means for our kindergarten, I will send an email to the kindergarten whanau.

In the meantime we would like to THANK YOU with all our heart for your cooperation in completing the updated enrolment forms! Also a big thank you for your understanding that we didn’t have a choice in requesting this exercise, not in chasing you for completion, nor in the content of the information required.

The Ministry of Education has the best intentions to keep all children safe and well supported and for parents to make informed choices. It turns out we should have included clarification of the indications of when/what for we would apply homeopathic and antroposohical remedies. Please find attached the specific indications for the remedies we would apply, if you have agreed to in the enrolment form’s section medicine (ii).

Specifics for natural remedies

In the spirit of aiming to keep children safe, we would like to address the noticeable increase in sexualised language the teachers are observing at kindergarten. This particular vocabulary is not naturally of the pre-school aged child’s primary interest, but comes from exposure to content appropriate at a much later stage in life. One very simple measurement all parents can take, right now, is to Turn Off The Radio, Music and Screen. Children might appear to be oblivious and look like they are engaged in their own things, but the sexually explicit content in the children’s singing and conversations we are hearing at kindergarten, on a daily basis, are highly concerning. And heart-breaking. May I appeal to all of you to come together in providing age appropriate environments for the tamariki in your care? And in doing so, supporting the teachers ongoing efforts to provide a setting in recognition of your aspirations  for allowing all children to flourish.

If you are not sure what is age appropriate sexual knowledge and interest for your child, please see the attached booklet or contact your child’s teachers.

Childhood sexual behaviours

With warm regards,

Dominique and Rose Ring Kindergartens teachers