Kia ora kindergarten whanau,

Rose Ring Kindergartens had to deal with challenging seas and battering waves over the last few weeks. It is with warmest gratitude we have realised, finally sailing on calmer waters again, how supportive you all have been when we needed it most. Even the children took it in their stride to meet unfamiliar adults relieving their trusted teachers. This is very reassuring for all of us.

A big THANK YOU for being patient when the drive through got slow, when we asked you to bring a lunchbox, when we asked you to pick children up early or find another solution for the day, so we could attend a funeral and of course for all the meals provided for the teachers dealing with bereavement and loss. And thank you too to those of you who are listening when we are asking not to share information with little ones, and are not discussing things with children or within earshot of them.

This Friday is the last day of term, when the school children traditionally finish at 1pm. Most families are picking their younger children up at the same time. If you do so, please remember to walk to kindergarten. Children staying till 3pm need to bring a lunchbox and can be picked up by the drive through option.

Rambling Rose is opening its doors again for the next two weeks (plus Monday July 26th), while the school is on term break. Most families are keeping their children home over the break. Those who do need care are most welcome to come to kindergarten, no need to book (unless for the dates stated below). Please do note the following changes to Rambling Rose:

Rambling Rose is now operating from kindergarten. Please drop children off at kindergarten, parking along the driveway and walking them up and into kindergarten garden through the blue gate. The teachers of the day will be receiving children for an outdoor programme and an excursion to feed the farm animals. At pick up time, 2:45pm till 3pm, children will be ready for you in the kindergarten grounds.

Everything else is the same as previously. Children need to arrive with full rain gear, (gumboots rain pants, raincoat) and warm layers, including a hat. Don’t forget the water bottle and a well filled and landfill free lunchbox for your child. Should you be arriving late, the group might be on their way and you are welcome to go for a stroll and to listen for little voices, giving away where they are heading.

The teachers of the day will make the call, if children need to rest or nap, or indeed need shelter from stormy conditions in one of the kindergarten rooms.

For those of you who are newer to Rose Ring Kindergartens, please check with your child’s teacher, if you do need care between the terms, but are unsure how your little one will cope with the change of teacher, with other children and an unfamiliar setting.

During the break most teachers are attending a conference. In order to organize relievers, we need to know if you are planning for your child to attend Rambling Rose on Wednesday, July 14th on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th.

On Monday, July 26th the school is closed for a teacher only day. Kindergarten is offering Rambling Rose and again we would appreciate to receive an indication of children planning to attend, so we can organise staff accordingly.

Kindergarten resumes with the usual class settings on Monday, July 27th.


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Nga mini nui,

Dominique Adcock

Kindergarten Manager