Tuesday Fair Window – Special Edition





10AM – 3PM


5 more days days until the Fair!  And so much information to share with you.

You’ll find lots of changes with the map this year.  There are new stalls to find and old favourites have moved. Check out the map, included in this newsletter.

  • Fair details: Sunday November 11th 10am – 3pm
  • Help us spread the word about the fair online by liking our the Waldorf School Facebook page and liking, commenting and sharing your favourite posts!  You can also find details at Bay Online, EventbriteEventfinda, and TownSquare.  Anytime you see something about the fair online, please like and share.

Zero Waste

  • We’re aiming for zero waste again this year.  Remember to guess the weight of the waste at each EFTPOS station – there is a great prize for the winner!
  • Baking packaging – zero waste. Come to the office, fill in your roster and grab some compostable packaging!  More details below.
  • Coffee. Bring your own reusable takeaway cup. If you don’t have one, the Vintage Tea Stall and the Coffee and Cake will have Boomerang Cups: Takeaway coffee in a real mug. Used mugs can be dropped at the waste stations or returned to the cafes.
  • Nappies – Take disposable nappies home please!
  • Bring reusable bags for holding new treasures on fair day or better yet buy a Tauranga Waldorf School jute bag, available at the entrance and Crafty Pukeko #7 for $6.

Fair Notices

  • Check out the Entertainment line-up and come out at 2pm for the Flash mob – Skip to my Lou.
  • Tom’s milk fridge must be emptied by Friday 9-November 5pm.


Please park off-site if possible. Try Utopia Park Heights, Waikite Road, Ranginui Road. Take the bus, bike or carpool.


Drop Off Locations and times – ALL BY 9AM ON SUNDAY

  • All families PLEASE BRING FLOWERS – Drop off at #11 Flower Garlands
  • Baking – Coffee & Cake, Sweet Treats – Drop off at #15
  • Baking – Children’s Cafe – Drop off at #25
  • Quiche & Salad – Drop off at #16 – Don’t forget tongs and serving spoons – please name and pick up at the end of the day.
  • Tangelos – Bring to the C3 deck by Friday morning to be wash. Or drop off at #18 on Sunday morning ONLY IF they have been washed.


  • Zero waste! No gladwrap, no plastic.
  • Compostable cellophane bags and baking boxes are available to pick up outside the office.
  • Label tupperware and plates. Pick up from stall at end of day.
  • Please include a list of ingredients. This helps with pricing and dietary restrictions.
  • Not sure of what to make? Russian fudge is very popular!

Roster – 4 hours please

There were still over 100 blank at the time of printing! To be able to run all that we have planned for this year, everyone needs to chip in. Supporting the fair is part of the commitment to the special character of the school, which all parents sign. More than that, giving our time allows the fair to happen, a gift to our children and the community.  Thank you to those who have already signed up for 4 hours!

If you haven’t yet, please pop by the office and put your name in 4 of the spaces.  Or if you never go into the office send Mariana an email or text and she’ll sign you up.  mariana.zuquim@gmail.com 0211519487


Children’s Tickets & Lunch Tickets – Early Bird Sales

  • Friday market – Children’s Tickets, lunch tickets and reusable jute bags ($6) on sale
  • Friday morning by the cowshed – Children’s tickets and lunch tickets on sale

Needed to borrow (people and things) for the fair – At this stage, IT’S ALL URGENT!!

  • Barista / someone who can make coffee with a coffee machine for the Coffee and Cake stall – 9am to 12pm only. Please contact Geoff Brown geoffreybrown@xtra.co.nz
  • Outdoor furniture –  The set up crew will pick it up from your house! – Claudia claudia.hellberg@gmail.com or 021 594 029
  • Pirate Attire – Nicole Coombe is on the hunt for some pirate type attire for fair day to dress the pirate ship crew. Hats? Puffy shirts? Adult size. She will make sure it comes back to you in original condition – niccip@hotmail.com


Thank You for working together and doing all that you can to make the fair day happen!