The Tauranga Waldorf School & Kindergarten was established in 1988 by parents, educators and friends who united to provide an education (based on the teaching methods of  Dr. Rudolf Steiner) for children.  This approach  combines an excellent academic programme following the Waldorf model, in a creative, nurturing environment and currently caters for children from birth – 14 year olds.   The vision is that the school will eventually encompass pre-school to Class 12 (age 18).

A growing international network, Waldorf education is the largest independent school movement in the world, with now over 600 autonomous schools established in six continents.  The first Waldorf School was established in 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany, based upon the teaching methods developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925), an Austrian teacher, philosopher, scientist, artist and architect.

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