By about 3 and a half years, the child has attained social and emotional skills which indicate Kindergarten readiness.

Young children learn primarily through imitation and creative play. They are most secure in a warm home-like environment. The Waldorf Kindergarten programme provides this environment and utilises a full range of creative activities appropriate to early childhood development.

Daily activities include creative play, rhythm and movement, finger plays, singing, and circle games. A weekly pattern is established in which the children experience baking bread, modeling with beeswax, watercolour painting, crayon drawing and seasonal crafts. Fairy tales and nature stories are told and are further enlivened through puppet plays and simple drama. In order to provide a solid foundation upon which subsequent academic learning can flourish, the Kindergarten programme addresses the development of a creative imagination, provides focused activity, and nourishes a sense of wonder and reverence for all life.

Kindergarten operates from 9.00am – 3-00pm – daily. We are closed for 4 weeks over the Summer, and during school term breaks the kindergarten operates from the farm, rather than the kindergarten class rooms.

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 Rose Ring Kindergartens – Parent Handbook 2020