Overview of Classes

Main lessons include language and arts, science, maths, history and geography. Incorporated into the main lesson are music, poetry, movement and concentration activities while drawing and drama allow the child self expression.

Class 1 (7 years)

Fairy tales, folk tales and nature stories; pictorial introduction to letters; form drawing; preparation for reading through writing; qualities of numbers; introduction of the four processes in arithmetic; lower multiplication tables.

Class 2 (8 years)

Legends, animal fables, and stories of saints; continued work in writing, reading and arithmetic; cursive writing introduced; form drawing.

Class 3 (9 years)

Stories from Old Testament history; composition and grammar; study of practical life (farming, housing and associated industries); higher multiplication tables; weight, measure and money; learning to read music.

Class 4 (10 years)

Norse mythology and sagas, Maori mythology, letter writing, language arts (composition and spelling), local geography and map making, study of the animal kingdom, arithmetic and fractions.

Class 5 (11 years)

Ancient history and myths through Greek times (Indian, Persian, Egyptian); New Zealand geography related to vegetation, agriculture and economics, botany, decimals, ratio and proportion, language arts.

Class 6 (12 years)

Roman and medieval history; geography; physics (electricity, magnetism); elementary chemistry; physiology (blood and muscles); algebra; geometry; business maths (profit and loss); language arts.

Class 7 (13 years)

Renaissance, art & science (Fibonacci), the reformation of the church, world geography, health & nutrition, chemistry, painting, skiing.