Waldorf Schools Trust


The Waldorf Schools Trust is a charitable trust and receives parents donations to enable the Special Character of the school to be implemented by the teaching staff. It is also responsible for the governance of the Kindergartens.

The Trust is the proprietor of the land and buildings and is responsible for capital developments and the future development of the school site in consultation with the Board of Trustees and School Management.

The Trust was set up to enable the provision of a Waldorf Education in the Bay of Plenty and supports the school to carry the Anthroposophical impulse through all its activities.


Chair of the WST Board of Trustees

Stephen was the Chair of the first three Board of Trustees of our school moving onto the Proprietors Trust in 2012

He started as a parent within the school in 1995, graduating onto the inaugural BoT and becoming the Chairperson 10 years ago. Currently he has grown into the WST for the last four years. He truly believes in the value of Waldorf Education and supporting the continual delivery of this Art of Teaching to the environment and community we have.


Proprietors Rep

Louise is the Proprietors Representative for the Waldorf Schools (BOP) Trust.
All three of her children attended Tauranga Waldorf School from Kindergarten to Class 7. Louise has been employed by the Trust since 2008 although her association with the school goes back to 1995 when her first child enrolled in the kindergarten. Louise’s depth of knowledge is varied and deep and she plays an enormous role in organising and setting up school festivals, plays and the annual school fair and open day.


Richard is a long serving member of the Trust who was with the school through the change from small private school to state integrated full primary school.

Becoming a trustee in 2005 he has served on the WST continuously and has seen two children through the school and kindergarten, now at local secondary schools but regularly seen at school functions and festivals. Richard is affectionately known in Kindergarten circles as the “Royal Woodcutter” and has a great interest in the larger property aspects.


Geraldine first arrived at our School in February 1997 with a two year old and a three month old baby and has been involved with the school ever since! All three of her children were happily educated here and and went on to be successful at local state schools and beyond.

In 2006, Geraldine was elected onto the first Board of Trustees after integration and served in a governance role for eight years. Geraldine joined the WST in 2014.

Geraldine believes it is a privilege for her to be part of the Waldorf Schools Trust which has the mandate to protect, maintain and develop the Special Character of the school.


Lois joined the school in 2003 along with three of her four children, who were enrolled into the Kindergarten, Class 2 and Class 4. She was a member of the Board of Trustees when it was established at the time of integration.

After serving several terms on the BOT, she had a break from school involvement until joining the WST three years ago. She enjoys being part of the Trust governing body working to maintain and grow the Waldorf education presence in Tauranga.


Sheryl began teaching in 1990, having trained at Wellington College of Education. Having taught at many schools over the years she also was the owner operator of Quality Professional Tutoring for students with learning difficulties and those that needed extra coaching.

She joined Tauranga Waldorf School in 2005 as the Class Two teacher and in 2011 became Associate Principal.